3D-Glasses less theatres

New movie screen allows glasses-free 3D at a larger scale

Everyone loves watching 3D movies and Cinemas in theaters but people with Spectacles would find it somewhat difficult to use the 3D glasses along with their spects. Viewers who sit away from the screen and various corners in the theaters wouldn’t receive the same parallax effect which results in the missing of quality and clarity of Cinema 3D.

Even though the three dimensional videos are gaining immense popularity day-by-day, using the same old model glasses to enjoy the movie is a big concern. Now these flaws, inconveniences can perish soon as the scientists at MIT CSAIL and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science finally came with an answer.

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The concept of Cinema 3D technology is the solution to the issues mentioned above of viewing 3D videos.This new technology creates multiple parallax barriers in a single display, using lenses and mirrors to deliver a range of angles across the whole theatre.

All the audience irrespective of their seating positions will enjoy high clarity 3D videos and that too without the need of the old weird 3D glasses.The Prototype display allows users to enjoy the film by sitting at any position.

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The researchers also released a video about the total concept which gives you a clear cut of the technology and how it would work.

The new prototype is slightly bigger than a pad of paper, and it uses 50 lens/mirror combos to achieve its 3D effect. It is much cheaper for a smaller system, and if you want a bigger and more elaborate system to make it work at the local movie theatre, then Cinema 3D might cost you more.

Currently, the new technology is in its initial development stage. We might see the optimized versions make its way into the theatres shortly.Once the development phase comes to an end and if the technology comes to limelight, then all the modern day problems and inconveniences of using 3D glasses and seating issues can leave without any lack of three-dimension quality video experience.


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