Australian won resort for $49

Luck is one thing which knocks our door without any prior intimation.Every Individual gets it at-least once in a life time.Such time has came for an Australian which got him an resort.Going to the details a lucky man from Australia has won the remote resort in the Pacific island in a lottery. Australian won resort for $49 ticker and claimed the paradise.The man is identified to be Joshua, and this man won the property named Kosrae Nautilus Resort.

The Australian guy won 16-room Micronesian resort in a draw conducted by the Australian owners, and they were looking to hand over this property to someone who thinks in a similar way.

After the completion, this lucky contest, the co-owner Doug Beitz says that he is hoping that, the winner would be like “someone who likes warm weather, likes meeting new people from around the world, is adventurous”.

The drawing contest was made a video and posted on the Facebook by revealing the winner lottery number for the draw on Tuesday evening. The ticket number would be 44,980 and the efforts to reach the winner on the phone became terrible for Doug’s. He is excited to inform this exciting information to the winner of his life-changing thing which has happened.

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Later Doug has eventually tracked this lucky winner and gave him the good news. “His name is Joshua, and he’s from Australia and adding the note that he lives in New South Wales State.

”The identity of the winner is not completely revealed by the organisers about the winning until the Kosrae Nautilus Resort, which is located on the Micronesian island of Kosrae, lies near the Hawaii and the north of the Solomon Islands.The winner Joshua will take the ownership of this resort which is debt free, profitable and have more than 20 years left on its lease.

“We will do financially well out of it,” Doug said after of the draw, in which tens of thousands of tickets were sold globally. If nothing else, it afforded some people with an opportunity to dream of life on a tropical paradise.”Thanks for the awesome dream,” written on one ticket-buyer on Facebook. Another said: “Congrats Joshua, have a good life there.”Australian won resort for $49,Winner details are announced on the official website.


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