Savji Dholakia Sent to Kochi

Billionaire Father Send His Son to earn his own Money to Bank on Himself

Billionaire Father: No Billionaire will dare to do so like Savji Dholakia. The Gujarat Billionaire sent his son to some unknown city to know the value of getting a job and to know the value of money. Savji wants his son to know how the life in a challenging way.

Savji’s son accepted his father’s challenge and he left to Kochi where he is unknown of language and place. While going Kochi, his dad gave him three pairs of clothes and a sum of rupees 7000 (seven thousand).

Conditions before taking up the Challenge

  • Should find work for earnings
  • But shouldn’t work for more than one week
  • Shouldn’t use his father identity
  • Shouldn’t use the money Rs. 7000 what his father gives him to use only in case of emergency

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What Challenges Dravya face?

He struggled for five days with no proper place to stay and with no job. And he also rejected in 60 interviews. Later he told his employer that he came from a low-income family and completed his education in +2 and got a job in Cherenelloor’s bakery. He faces difficulties to get one meal worth Rs. 40 and need Rs 250 per day for his lodging.

Dravya comes to India on a holiday from the United States as he is pursuing his MBA. On August 5 he is about to fly to United Stated, Pace University to continue to Master’s degree.

Billionaire son Working in Bakery

Sreejith, a finance manager who met Dravya, said: “I met him at the bakery and liked him. I gave him my visiting card and offered him all help. However, as my colleagues warned me against employing him, I wouldn’t respond to his calls. On Tuesday, I received a call from Dravya’s company CEO thanking me and informing me of Dravya’s journey.”

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Savji Dhanji Dholakia, founder and Chairman of Hari Krishna Group and a Diamond manufacturer in India who is used to be called as Savji Kaka in his Diamond circles. He has His business expansion in more than 50 countries. He also received the GJEPC annual export award (2010 – 11) from our PM Narendra Modi.

The company turnover is USD 650 million with 6000 employees. Recently, Dholakia issued his employees with cars, jewels, and home which worth USD 8 million (INR 50 crore) as a reward for meeting targets. In 2014, he gave 491 cars, 525 pieces of diamond jewellery and 200 apartments to his employees.