The high-level meeting was held at Jawahar Bhawan, New Delhi regarding the issue to get back the Kohinoor Diamond from the British Crown. As per the reports, the meeting took place on Friday and the meeting was attended by the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma and Cabinet Secretary P.K. Sinha among others. The main agenda of the meeting indicates that Modi Government will approach Britain on this issue soon. So the Mission is ON to bring back the Kohinoor diamond to India from Britain.

The meeting is also discussed with the possibility of signing the treaty with UK where Britain may be assured that India will not claim the artefacts which are in their museum they said.

Kohinoor (Koh-I-Noor) which is also spelt as Koh-i-Nûr and Kooh-è Noor, which is large and colourless diamond found at Kollur mines near Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India in the 13th century. Kohinoor weighs about 793 carats which are uncut, and Kakatiya dynasty first owns this gem. Today the diamond is set in the front of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother crown of crown jewels in the United Kingdom.

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The central government initiated the discussion, and the Supreme Court is hearing the case in bringing back the Kohinoor. The meeting lasted over 45 minutes and was called following the Prime Minister Narendra Modi directions to make the path in bringing back this 108-carat precious gem from the United Kingdom. At present Kohinoor diamond is on display at the Tower of London.

The government is saying that it would spare no efforts in trying to get back the diamond which would be the estimated cost over 200 million USD. Earlier in the month of May Mr Sharma has told the Parliament, the ways Ministry of External Affairs is exploring the ways and means for getting the better resolution for this issue with the Britain Government.

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Kohinoor diamond issue is subjected to the ownership dispute and has been claimed by at least four countries including India.


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