At Medak district in Telangana, the government has launched the new offer called “Feel the Jail”. Under this offer, tourists can choose to stay the entire day for Rs. 500 at the Colonial-era jail that was built under the Nizam rule in Hyderabad in the year 1796.

The authorities will let the people experience ‘prison life’ just like criminals. The Colonial-era jail was built 220 years ago and is situated at Sangareddy. This jail is spread over 40 acres of land and the built-up area of three acres which can accommodate 240 prisoners with separate male and female blocks.

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After Independence, the jail was shifted to new premises, and the old building is remained locked for several years, later it was handed over to the Health Department. The prison authorities recognised its heritage value, turned it into the Jail Museum and made available to the public from June 1st this year.

During their stay in the jail, they will be provided with a dress made of Khadi fabric, a mug, a fan, glass, steel plate, beddings, etc. according to the state prison manual. Just like prisoners, the tourists also have to clean the barracks and plant saplings during their jail time.

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The Director General of prisons, Vinoy Kumar Singh said “When I took charge this jail was in dilapidated condition. So, I thought this is a really historical monument for the district and for the state. We can change this jail into heritage jail and museum which will depict the history of jail in this state. I thought that the citizens should get a feel of the jail how it is inside. For that reason we have used certain cells to be let out for 500 rupees and live like a prisoner for 24 hours”.

He said the Prison department, Telangana state has initiated many innovations for reformation and rehabilitation of the prisoners and their welfare and revenue generation for the department.

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“In this regard we have returned the 220 years old Sangareddy district jail into a heritage jail and museum. First in 1796 it was built by the Nizams for use of the stable of the horses which afterwards was used as a jail and continued as a district jail till 2012 when new district jail Sangareddy was constructed,” he added.