Telangana festival Bathukamma has entered into Guinness book of world records. On October 8th about 9,292 women participated in the festival at L. B. stadium.Bathukamma is a state festival celebrated by the people of Telangana. It is a floral festival which represents the Telangana culture, and it usually falls on the Dussehra time.

On these 9 days, they prepare a beautiful flower stack decorated with unique seasonal flowers. At evening all ladies attend to the ground and form a large circle by placing this bathukammas in the center.They start singing and dancing by circling it repeatedly. They build a beautiful human circle of unity, love, and sisterhood. This festival inherits the between earth, water, and human beings.

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After the formation of Telangana state, govt declared bathukamma as one of the state festivals. On 8th of October 2016, they made a large event with 9,292 women at Lal Bahadur Stadium. In past onam festival has created the record with 5,015 women, by beating it Maha bathukamma has entered into the Guinness world record.

By viewing this event, Guinness book representative Jaisimha said “I am very happy to attend this event. Today at this place we have heavy rain but women have stayed back for giving excellent performance”. He congratulates all women for entering into the Guinness world record. Miss Planet India Rashmi Thakur is one of the chief guests at the event. She said “It is a proud moment for the state. Even it is also raining people didn’t stop their event”.

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Baba Faisuddin, deputy mayor, said “It is the happy occasion; we congratulate everyone who makes this event successful. Special thanks to Telangana police. All are cooperated well to achieve this success”.

Telangana tourism secretary Venkateshwarulu said “We achieved a great record under KCR government. This bathukamma festival is the biggest attraction for tourists”.

All the women participate in this event are jubilant for entering into Guinness record. Olympic Gold Medalist P.V.Sindhu and Telangana Brand Ambassador Sania Mirza has been the special attraction for the event. All women participants mesmerized the people for 12 minutes with their wonderful performance. All the guests joined them by humming the song along with the singing women. Everyone had a great time at this event.


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