Amidst of much opposition from a large section of users, Facebook News Feed feature was launched by the social networking site in 2006. Now, News Feed has become one of the essential feature of Facebook.

In the early stages when the feature was not a part of the site, the look was customizable by the user. On adding the feature, the entire look of the Home page has changed. Many new features appeared on the Home page of Facebook such as the Friend’s list. And also their activities along with important events like upcoming Birthdays, profile changes, etc.

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In 2011, exactly after 5 years of introduction of the feature, it had become a part and parcel of the site. It made the users twice in growth. This is stated by one of the engineer’s, Mr. Andrew Bosworth of News Feed who is now the Vice-President of ads and business platform in Facebook.

It can be said a dramatic change as the users opposed the feature at the start and they have made the feature so acceptable now. The opposing of this feature even went to the extent where the users threatened to leave if the feature is not turned off.

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Mark Zuckerberg has posted a message about the News Feed successful ten years completion. He stated that invention of the feature is one of the memorable and favourite stories of Facebook’s history. He termed Facebook News Feed as “Most Advanced Systems” they have ever built.


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