Google is forming an Alliance to integrate all its products at one place

Surprisingly, Google has announced alliance formation with BoxWorks. This can be termed as one of the unexpected moves by Google Inc.

BoxWorks CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie along with Google Cloud’s Platform chief Diane Greene has come to an mutual agreement regarding the terms and conditions of the alliance. Once a final draft is drawn, the two companies will work together.

Notably, Box is known for its file storing. A tool is co-developed and built with IBM named as “Relay” by BoxWorks in order to simplify and speed up the process time of workflows.

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Both Box and Google will integrate their apps so that the users are benefited without any loss of data and much complications. Google Docs, spread sheets and other apps can now be used by the Box’s users and vice versa.

The collaboration is not only helpful for the individual users but also for small to big sized enterprises. From now on Box users will be able to work in Google products like spreadsheets and documents while keeping their information and data undisturbed within Box. Google’s Springboard search can be done within their Box files to filter better information. Box officials also clarified that any data shared from Box over Docs would remain protected by HIPAA as long as data stored in Box.

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Box’s Lookout and Dropbox are the two major products that will be integrated with Google’s products.