Microsoft’s Redesigned Paint Application

Microsoft’s redesigning plan for its popular paint app for Windows 10 starts leaks over the weekend. The previous version of the app is out online for download. The company is fully refurbishing its paint app, and the upcoming latest version is designed to be a universal Windows app with pen and touch-friendly features.

Microsoft also launched a video demonstration of all the new 3D objects support. The leaked app has been distributed back in may to Microsoft testers. Reports say that speed of the application is quite surprising as most of the universal Windows apps fail to demonstrate the potential and rarely include new features.

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The app animations work well, and many of the essential features are way more easy to use than the earlier Paint desktop app. Sadly, the latest version of Paint doesn’t include layering support, but this might be because of the old alpha copy which was leaked.

Microsoft failed to implement more helpful shortcuts which you might find in apps like Photoshop, or multiple file support at the same time. It feels like an object creation tool / basic photo editing, and that would be the thing what exactly Microsoft is aiming for.

Cropping images, inserting text, and making use of variety pencils and brushes to annotate images is now easier. Microsoft has also included a wide range of 2D freehand features, 2D shapes, and basic 3D shapes for Paint users to ensure a free usage.

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A community section is also provided which include free 3D objects, but this is restricted to Microsoft employees at present as part of this alpha. The company’s launch video for Paint has unveiled 3D object support, and most of the objects in this alpha version suffer from some pixelation issues.

It’s hard to come to a conclusion about this leaked copy of Paint unless Microsoft unveils it officially. But it is much anticipated that the company may detail it at the Windows 10 and Surface event later this month.


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