The government of UAE confirmed that most wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Assets seized after performing a major operation against his team. According to the attest reports, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim properties worth Rs 15000 crore had been taken by the UAE Government sources.

The Govt officials confirmed the news and how they performed the operation is yet to be mentioned. Earlier, Home Minister Rajnath Singh stated that the Government is trying a lot to bring back Dawood Ibrahim and continuing its efforts to caught Dawood. National Security Adviser Ajit Doval reportedly tracked the matter with UAE and requested the officials to act and seize Dawood’s properties.

As per latest updates, several properties belong to the Don, including hotels and shares in top rung companies in UAE has seized by the officials. The UAE officials also said that they had already seized the assets of the crime lord in Dubai.

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However, last year the Home Minister had proclaimed that India’s most wanted mafia would soon be pinched and brought back to the country. Moreover, United States previously confirmed that the most wanted don Dawood is living in Pakistan.

Yesterday, writer-director Vishal Mishra and producer Vinod Ramani lodged a police complaint mentioning that they had been receiving threat calls for the deletion of a comedy scene pushing fun of Dawood in their upcoming film ‘Coffee with D’.

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In a complaint, the filmmakers mentioned that they had received threat calls from the Notorious Don’s close aide Chhota Shakeel and his people to delete the scenes from the upcoming film.

As we know, Dawood is most wanted criminal in India for the 1993 Mumbai blasts in which 27 people were killed and nearly a thousand people severely injured. He is also defendant of performing many terror attacks, money laundering, and blackmail.