Snapchat is the mobile application where users can do image messaging and multimedia. Snapchat has come up with the new games feature selfie filter games which have appeared for the users to create this new addicting feature which is going to be the new dominant feature.

Earlier in the month of March, Snapchat has tested the limited run of Sponsored Kraft Mac & Cheese game, the user has to catch the noodles in your mouth. In the next month, it is offered with the unsponsored puzzle face game and where you have to slide the tiles around for reconstructing the image of your face in less amount of time.

Facebook launches Snapchat-like app called Flash

Previously, Snapchat has allowed some traditional snap ads in discover to be swiped up to launch a web browser with the game inside like Serena Williams tennis game and the Under Armor Cam Newton game. These weren’t built by the Snapchat or hosted by default in the app. Instead, they were designed by the ad agencies and hosted on the web.

Now Snapchat is offering its well-produced native game called Santa’s Helper. This is embedded in one of the first lens shown today. Just open the camera, and you can find it. Then hold on your face for scanning it and then you choosing the Santa’s Helper Lens.

Whatsapp New Feature: Clone of Snapchat Status

This game will place your face into an elf body JibJab-style, and then you tilt the device your back and forth to steer yourself down a ski slope. Parallel you have to collect the presents and avoid the obstacles. You can take a photo or the video at any time, and you can post it and share it with your friends for challenging them to beat your score.

So what you are waiting for? Try these new features by downloading the snapchat and play the featured game on your device.


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