The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a conference paper on the much-talked net neutrality issue, on the lookout for investors view by February 2015 and counter-comments by February 28.

The Net Neutrality Issue has left the telecom service providers (TSPs) and the over-the-top (OTT) players in India at loggerheads. The consultation paper said, “Clearness is one of the primary factors towards guaranteeing observance to the nondiscrimination principles set forth in any net neutrality framework.”

In a net neutrality framework, the scope of limpidity obligations can range from responsibilities cast upon TSPs to unveil technical information on QoS (Quality of Services) parameters, to provide high-level info that is widely comprehensible and may enable customers to make more up-to-date decisions and notice ruins.

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About the scope of transparency duties, the consultation paper has put a push on price information and commercial terms and traffic management practices along with many other characteristics. The consultation paper also asked sponsors, “What would be the ideologies for confirming fair-minded access to content on the internet, in the Indian context?’ and how should “Internet Traffic” and workers of “Internet Services” be understood in the NN context?”

Timeline of Net Neutrality Related Activities

1. Creation of DoT committee on net Impartiality – January 19, 2024
2. Consultation on regulatory framework for OTT services – March 27, 2023
3. Release of DoT committee report on net Impartiality – May 2015
4. Consultation on Different pricing for data services – December 9, 2023
5. Regulation on Prohibition of Discriminatory Tariffs for Data Services – February 8, 2023
6. DoT sought Authority’s recommendations on net neutrality – March 3, 2023
7. Consultation on Free Data – May 19, 2023
8. Pre-Consultation on net Impartiality – May 30, 2023
9. Recommendations on provisioning of Free Data – December 19, 2023


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