Finally, the era of MS Dhoni as a captain of Indian cricket team came to an end. The captain cool on January 4th announced that he is quitting from captaincy in limited overs match and may be Virat Kohli will be the next skipper for India.

It’s very easy to place nearly all our Indian cricket captains in variable shades of Indianness, except MS Dhoni. As a captain, he never showed emotions, simply being cool minded, avoided acclaims, didn’t blow his boast, but always walked away with a smile.

MS Dhoni is the man who got great records to Indian cricket team as a captain. He is the man to bring Sachin’s dream of winning world Cup. He is the man who has best cricketing skills as a captain. MS Dhoni, this name remains kept in golden words in the book of Indian cricket history. T20 World Cup, ODI World Cup, Champions Trophy, No1 team in Tests, IPL Titles what not everything came to Dhoni’s feet and undoubtedly this is all because of his leadership qualities only.

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He stood as a captain for more than 50 matches in all the cricket formats and more than 331 matches including T20s, tests and ODIs.

EXACTLY AT 8:55 PM on January 4, the BCCI issued a pre-release, and the world got to know that India’s ODI captain MS Dhoni has decided to quit from captaincy.

In a press release statement, the board said, “MS Dhoni has informed to the board that he wants to step down as the captain of Indian Cricket Team from One Day International and T20 International formats of the game. He will be available for the upcoming Paytm ODI and T20 Trophy against England, and the same has been passed to the selection committee.

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The CEO of BCCI, Rahul Johri said, “Dhoni contribution and his thoughts to move Indian Cricket team over the years are outstanding. Under his leadership, team India won many matches and got many World records and touched new heights. I would like to thank MS Dhoni for his hard work and dedication as a captain to achieve goals.”

Dhoni led 199 ODIs as a captain and now the stick is passed to Virat Kohli. The reasons behind MS Dhoni step down as a captain not yet know, but, we expect that these are the few reasons which push Dhoni to eject from captaincy.

Here are some expected reasons which made him step down

1. Virat Kohli Super form will be one of the expected reasons
2. Lacking to Finish the game which he is mastered at
3. Current Changes in the BCCI Body
4. Age Factor
5. To Encourage Young Talent


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