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Indian Woman Wins Over ₹17.5 Crore Lottery In UAE

Dubai: An Indian woman won a huge prize in the much awaited Millionaire Bumper Lottery. Not just 3 or 4 crores but the woman won a huge prize money of Rs. 17,69,03,813.39 crores. She won the Raphael Bonanza lottery of UAE after 50 unsuccessful attempts.

Nishitha Radha Krishna Pillai, a married woman, is did medical practice in AbuDabi for two years with her husband. Her husband already bought the Bonanza Big Lucky Millionaire Lottery ticket for 50 times before. But they never won.

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“It’s such a big amount and besides we were awaken by the good news in the middle of the night and we can’t even think straight,” she said.

“It was my dad who shared the news with us since he’s the one who got the call from the organisers, and at first we thought it was a prank call. We had to check the Big Ticket website to confirm it,” Pillai added.

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This time he bought the ticket with number 058390 in the name of his wife. In the recent lucky draw, the couple won. This mother of two children is currently doing fellowship program in the Genetic Department in Texas from July 2016.

Though they moved from Dubai, the couple continued to but the tickets which finally paid off. She is going to be the second luckiest person to win this much amount ever since the start of the Bonanza program.

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Dawood Ibrahim Assets Worth Rs.15000 Crore Seized by UAE Government

Dawood ibrahim assets seized

The government of UAE confirmed that most wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Assets seized after performing a major operation against his team. According to the attest reports, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim properties worth Rs 15000 crore had been taken by the UAE Government sources.

The Govt officials confirmed the news and how they performed the operation is yet to be mentioned. Earlier, Home Minister Rajnath Singh stated that the Government is trying a lot to bring back Dawood Ibrahim and continuing its efforts to caught Dawood. National Security Adviser Ajit Doval reportedly tracked the matter with UAE and requested the officials to act and seize Dawood’s properties.

As per latest updates, several properties belong to the Don, including hotels and shares in top rung companies in UAE has seized by the officials. The UAE officials also said that they had already seized the assets of the crime lord in Dubai.

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However, last year the Home Minister had proclaimed that India’s most wanted mafia would soon be pinched and brought back to the country. Moreover, United States previously confirmed that the most wanted don Dawood is living in Pakistan.

Yesterday, writer-director Vishal Mishra and producer Vinod Ramani lodged a police complaint mentioning that they had been receiving threat calls for the deletion of a comedy scene pushing fun of Dawood in their upcoming film ‘Coffee with D’.

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In a complaint, the filmmakers mentioned that they had received threat calls from the Notorious Don’s close aide Chhota Shakeel and his people to delete the scenes from the upcoming film.

As we know, Dawood is most wanted criminal in India for the 1993 Mumbai blasts in which 27 people were killed and nearly a thousand people severely injured. He is also defendant of performing many terror attacks, money laundering, and blackmail.

A 16 year Old Indian Girl from UAE Wins International Children’s Peace Prize 2016

Indian Girl from UAE wins International Children’s Peace Prize

A 16-year-old Indian girl from UAE has won the prestigious international children’s peace prize 2016. She got the award for fighting towards climate justice and combating environmental degradation.

Kehkashan Basu got the prize, and it is presented by Bangladesh’s Nobel peace laureate Mohammad Yunus at a glittering ceremony in The Hague.

Mohammed Yunus got Nobel Prize in 2006 for his efforts for economic and social development. It underlined the urgency and importance of Kehkashan’s work, as more than three million children under the age of five die every year from environment-related diseases and many more suffer deeply from environmental issues.

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“It is a great achievement for such a young person to have such reach and impact with her important message already,” Yunus said.

He also said “At present healthy environment is crucial for our society. Kehkashan Basu did an excellent job in educating students, she taken a great responsibility to work towards sustainable future.”

Kehkashan Basu said “I call upon every person to think of how they can contribute to the preservation of the environment. Time is not on our side? We have to act now, or we will have polar bears under palm trees.”

When Kehkashan was eight years old, she started educating neighbors on the importance of saving the environment. She planted her first tree and gathered children to collect the waste. She found the green hope organization at the age of twelve, and she conducted countless operations and awareness campaigns.

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Kehkashan then became the youngest ever Global Coordinator for the Major Group for Children and Youth of the United Nations Environmental Program, and Green Hope has become an international organization with activities in more than ten countries and over a thousand young volunteers.

Mr. Marc Dullaert founder of kid’s right said kehkashan was chosen as a winner by expert committee because she has ability to mobilize thousands of children to save the environment. So we choose her as a winner and she said: “I will keep encouraging children and adults to create more sustainable growth.”

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NASA and UAE Partnered to work on the Mars Probe: Plans to Send Humans by 2030

NASA and UAE Partnered to work on the Mars Probe

US Space Agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is going to work with the UAE (United Arab Emirates) Space Agency regarding the communications capability on the UAE’s Mars spacecraft. This spacecraft will reach the Red Planet in 2021. This announcement was done officially on Sunday.

Dr Gale Allen, Deputy Chief Scientist of NASA, has said in the recent interview that the development is the part of an “umbrella agreement” for the collaboration between the two agencies.

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She also said “We want to work very closely with the UAE on any other missions going forward,” for the UN-UAE High-Level Forum on “Space as a Driver for Socio-Economic Sustainable Development.”

Mars Probe

Mars Probe is the one of the very interesting things for us, and it is the opportunity to put the communications capability on the probe. The important thing they are looking forward is to send the humans to Mars in the year 2030, Says Gale.

“We are looking at, possibly at some point, putting better communications up there. If we could partner and leverage the UAE Mars probe, it is certainly going to be beneficial for us,” she added.

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During this agreement, she pointed out that it was an “umbrella agreement” and NASA wants to collaborate in future space exploration missions. Mars Probe is the initial step in the collaborations, but we are certainly looking at this as the long term partnership.

The Spacecraft hope will travel more than 60 million km in its nine months of the journey and be coinciding the UAE’s 50th anniversary in 2021.

The entire mission will be supervised by the UAE space agency, and it is developed by the MBRSC (Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre) along with the support from the international partners.

The World’s First 3D Printing Technology Office Inaugurated In Dubai

3D printing office

The world’s first ever 3D Printing Office opened in Dubai on Tuesday (24-05-2016). The inauguration of the office done by the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates “Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum”. He stated “Office of the Future” the first fully printed Bureau of three-dimensional printing technology.

dubai 3d printing office

This building was located near to the Emirates Towers. This office will serve temporarily under the Dubai Future Foundation. The total time took for constructing this building is 17 days and to install the site it took two days.

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The unique mixture of cement and the building materials are used in the construction of this 3D printing office. These materials are from both UAE and the United States. This material was thoroughly tested in China and the United Kingdom for confirming whether it is suitable for the construction.

The design of this 3D Printing Office is in rectangular with the curved arcs and further increasing the floor space of 250 Sq.Mts space for accommodating any events, exhibitions and any other workshops.

3d printing office

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To print the parts of the building, 3D printer measuring 20 ft high, 120 ft long and 40 ft wide were used. The Printer required only one person to monitor the functionality. To install the components in the building seven members were worked on the site. To handle the engineering segments ten electricians and specialists are assigned to take care. This helps in cutting the labour cost by more than 50% when compared with the similar size buildings.

first 3d printing office

VP of UAE also said, “We have a long-term strategy for the three-dimensional printing and by 2030 will print 25% of Dubai buildings using this technique.”

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