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Women Arrested by the Police of Saudi Arabia for Wearing Mini Skirt in a Video

saudi arabia girl

After public outcry, women whose video went viral got arrested on Tuesday for contradicting the conservative dress code of Saudi Arabia. The video, where a women walking around a historic fort wearing a Mini Skirt and crop top in Saudi Arabia went viral with enormous views over the past few days.

On violating the country’s conservative dress code, the women got arrested on Tuesday by the police. The women name was not taken and taken her in to charge for wearing “Immodest clothes” by the police in the capital ‘Riyadh’. The video was shot in a desert region of Najd village where the women walks around the desert. The village is noted for forming Saudi’s most conservative tribes and families.

Saudi writer Waheed al-Ghamdi took to twitter that the women violated Saudi laws but her actions did not harm others. “I am simply questioning the lack of priorities regarding anger and alarm expressed over human rights violations and oppression versus the harmless personal choices of others,” he wrote.

Saudi Arabia grants permission girls to play sports in Public Schools

Based on the official Twitter account of state-run TV channel al-Ekhbariya, the woman has now been arrested and police have assigned her case to the public prosecutor.

The video was spread widely across all social media platforms by both the supporting and opposing parties. Some people raising support for the women while other criticising her for disobeying Saudi rules. All women living in the Kingdom, Including foreigners should wear long, loose robes which are known as Abayas in public. Most of the Saudi women wear a headscarf to cover their hair and veil to cover the face.

While reporting the case, Saudi news channels blurred out the women’s bare legs and midriff.Some women defending the girl in the video posted and image of IVanka Trumps’s face on the Saudi women body, tweeting “Enough already, the situation has been solved.”

The government of Saudi Arabia announced last week girls would be allowed for the first time to play sports in public schools. They also have access to physical education classes. Despite these moves by Saudi Arabia to modernization, strict gender segregation rules and other restrictions on women remain same.

Saudi Arabia grants permission girls to play sports in Public Schools

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia Education Ministry permits girls to participate in sports in public schools. s a part of physical education, the Saudi Arabia Ministry of education on Tuesday took prominent decisions about girls playing sports in public schools. This decision comes after many years of Women fighting for greater rights and access to sports in accordance with Islamic regulations.

Girls playing sports in Saudi Arabia is always been a controversial topic for many years. Due to the suppression of female participation in sport by conservative Islamic Religious authorities.

The initiative taken by Saudi, to allow girls to play sports is considered one of the significant steps in Saudi Arabia. Four years ago, Saudi Arabia earlier allowed sports for girls in private schools. With the permission of their parents the idea however worked out.

Despite of increased Opportunities for Saudi women, the restrictions still exists. Women performing exercise is still seen as a non performing act.

Four years ago, Saudi 2012 Summer Olympics team has female athletes for the time ever.

Playing sports has always been a luxury for those women who can afford it and whose families approve it. Many private sports clubs have come up over the years, allowing some women to join in female basketball leagues.

Recently, Saudi Arabia has permitted some licenses for female-only gyms, but the cost of membership is beyond the reach.

The female-only University in the capital, Riyadh has a large gym along with outdoor soccer pitches, running tracks and indoor swimming pools.

The Education Ministry said the decision is taken keeping the Vision 2030 plan in mind, a global government plan to improve society and the economy. It is being headed by the Kingdom’s young heir to the throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The main aim of this plan is to encourage all the citizens in sports and other athletic activities. Currently only 13% people in Saudi Arabia exercise once in a week. The government is aiming to increase up to 40%.

Saudi Arabia Government Increases India’s Annual Hajj Quota by 34,005

Hajj Quota

The annual season of Hajj 2017 begins from late August but thousands of applications have already submitted from across the country. Saudi Arabia increased the India’s Hajj Quota by 1.70 lakh from 1.36 lakh which is the biggest increase in the last 29 years.

Hajj Quota of the States has released on 9th March, and the process for the selection of pilgrims through draw of lots will starts from 14th March 2017. The annual India Hajj Quota increased significantly by the Saudi Arabia government by benefitting all the states.

Online Registration and Mobile App for Hajj Yatra Launched by the Government

Following the agreement of annual Hajj between India and Saudi Arabia which was commenced earlier in January, the Saudi government finally decided to increase the annual Hajj Quota of India by 34,005. With the increased number, this year a total of 1,70,025 people will be travelling to Mecca and Medina to complete the holy pilgrimage.

The Union Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi announced the list the increased annual India Hajj Quota by the Saudi Arabia government.

  • Uttar Pradesh: 21,828 (current), increased by 29,017
  • Gujarat: 7044 (current), increased by 10,877
  • West Bengal: 8905 (current), increased by 9940
  • Jammu and Kashmir: 6359 (current), increased by 7960
  • Maharashtra: 7357 (current), increased by 9780
  • Karnataka: 4477 (current), increased by 5951
  • Madhya Pradesh: 2708 (current), increased by 3599
  • Andhra Pradesh: 2052 (current), increased by 2728
  • Telangana: 2532 (current), increased by 3367
  • Jharkhand: 2719 (current), increased by 3306
  • Tamilnadu: 2399 (current), increased by 3189
  • Haryana: 1011 (current), increased by 1343
  • Delhi: 1224 (current), increased by 1628

Most of the requests come from the Kerala state, i.e., 95.236 and of total 34.783 lakh applications were sent digitally from the state. Last year around 1.29 lakh devotees has undertaken the Hajj pilgrimage.

Malware Attacks Saudi Government Agencies

Malware Attacks Saudi Government Agencies

The Government agencies of Saudi Arabia were under Cyber Attack. The Malicious malware named as Shamoon hit the Government agencies and their websites which can spread computer systems and destroying data.

A few government agencies and vital installations suffered from a malware attack and it is disturbing their services. Among those agencies, transportation sector was one hit by an actor from outside the country, said, the Saudi Press agency.

Cyber Security corporations are saying that the malware called Shamoon or Disttrack that was previously attacked few oil companies of Saudi four years back and disabled 30,000 systems.

Cyber Attacks: Smart home devices used as weapons to disrupt Internet sites

Reports by the Security Organization Symantec, the latest malware attack Shamoon acting as a time bomb. Samples of malicious coding were designed to begin wiping data at 8:45 PM. On November 17, the end of the work became week in the country.

“Shamoon malware was specially designed with passwords that appear to have been stolen from the targeted organizations. How the attackers got the stolen credentials is still unknown, said, Symantec.

The Shamoon malware works by distributing across the network and copying itself to new computers. The new malware consists of a system-wiping function that will overwrite a hard disk and the data has been replaced with the image of 3-year-old Syrian boy who died in the Mediterranean Sea last year.

Cyber Threats in the Middle East countries are growing rapidly in 2016

Speaking about this, Palo Alto Networks said, to obtain access to the stolen passwords, the hackers behind Shamoon malware may have sent emails to their targets, tricking them into giving up their valid credentials or may have already had inside access.

It is unclear that who involved in this Cyber-attack, but the malware seems like the older version of Shamoon used in the 2012 attack against the Saudi Arabian Oil Company. That malware overwrote the hard disks with the images of burning U.S flag.

Saudi Arabia: Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir Executes for a Murder Case

Saudi Prince Executed for Murder

Saudi Arabia govt executes prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir for a murder case. This is the rear incident happens in the country. Govt has taken the decision to kill the royal family culprit.

While going into details a few days back Turki bin Saud al-Kabir, Prince of Saudi Arabia has made an argument with his friend Adel Al-Mahemid, in that incident, he shooted his friend at capital city Riyadh, now that case came into Saudi Arab court. Finally, after case enquiry, court declared the prince as culprit.

The victim’s family refused offers of “blood money” by which they would receive financial compensation in return for not demanding the death sentence, Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya network reported.

Saudi-led Airstrikes kills 140 Mourners leaving 500 injured at Funeral Gathering in Yemen

So they declared death execution for the prince. All are equal before the law, so there is no change in the punishment. According to the information, it is very rare to punish royal people. In past royal member named Faisal bin Musaid al-Saud was executed for killing his uncle and now its Turki bin Saud al-Kabir turn.

A list made by AFP news agency says that the prince is the 134th individual to be executed this year. The legal system of Saudi Arab depends upon the sharia.

“The Government is keen to keep order, stabilise security and bring about justice through implementing the rules prescribed by Allah,” the ministry statement added.

BJP Worker Hacked To Death By Unidentified Persons in a Broad Daylight at Pinarayi of Kannur District

We don’t know upto now what type of execution is declared to the Prince. Mostly for the murder cases they will behead the culprit in the public square. They follow the religious law governing the members of the Islamic faith. A famous Saudi lawyer tweeted “Saudi law won’t change for anyone, everyone is same before the law”.