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WiFi is the most important thing than Sex, Alcohol and Chocolate: Reports

The wireless network supplier iPass has revealed some interesting things about Wi-Fi after conducting a survey. WiFi has been branded as an essential daily need in human’s life with 4 out of 10 persons giving more importance than other human habits and necessities like Alcohol, sex, chocolates, games, etc.

According to the Survey, people want WiFi more than sex and alcohol. The study has carried out by iPass which surveyed 1,700 working professionals across Europe and the United States about their connectivity habits. However, the iPass revealed shocking news about the study and how people addicted to smartphones and electronic gadgets in their daily life. It took a report from more than 1,700 people about their lifestyles and favorites.

According to the report, Interestingly, Wi-Fi was considered as the most significant need in daily life by 40.2% of accused. The study also involved asking respondents to rank the importance of Wi-Fi against other daily needs on a scale of 1-4, with one is most important while four is least important.

What the study found according to the Survey?

40.2 percent of participants chose WiFi as their first preference in daily essentials and labeling it as a higher priority than sex (37 percent), Chocolate (14 percent) and alcohol (9 percent). Nearly 75 percent of respondents said that Wi-Fi plays a vital role in their daily life and also improved the quality of life. 63 percent of participants preferred Wi-Fi hot spots rather than using mobile data.

Pat Hume, Chief merchandising officer, iPass said, “Wi-Fi service is not only the method of internet connectivity, but it has also exceeded many other human needs and necessities.”

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“We always stay in connection with WiFi in our personal and professional lives. Especially smartphone users are always connected at all times whether at home, traveling, at hotels, bus and railway stations and in flights also. Many organizations have been providing services for lower costs with faster speeds.” He added.

A few years back, WiFi is the unknown thing and now, it became daily essential in human’s life. The reason behind WiFi’s growing factor is the power it has had on our daily lives. Seemingly, unlike sex, sweets, chocolates and alcohol, the spread of internet connectivity seems to have had a mostly positive effect, with three-quarters of respondents saying WiFi had improved their quality of life.As per study, people also make travel decisions according to the WiFi connections.

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