Facebook offers new tools for charity fundraising, and the feature enables you to mark safe during the crisis and help others or ask for help after a natural disaster. The social networking giant announced on Thursday in New York City at its Social Good Forum, this forum is the first-of-its-kind event and hopes to repeat in coming years.

The company has tens of engineers to work on this new Social Good Forum team which creates tools for users to help the world around them.

“The philosophy of everything we do at Facebook is that our community can teach us what we need to do. And our job is to learn as quickly as we can and keep on getting better and better.” Said, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Safety Check” is a tool which lets users mark themselves safe during a crisis, be it natural disaster or bombing or so. Friends will automatically get notified once someone marks themselves safe. Initially, Facebook activated the tool in disaster stuck areas, and now, it will stop its activations and hands it off to users instead. Users can push a notification to friends and let them he/she is OK by using safety check.

Facebook to launch another tool “community help” early next year, this will let users offer and receive food, shelter or other types of support during crises. People are already doing this on FB and Twitter by using hashtags. This new feature allows people to select categories to avail or offer help like food, water, shelter, transportation or baby items.

Facebook now allows charities to raise money directly via its platform over the summer. Simultaneously, users can choose from 100 US nonprofits. Now, that number is 750,000 and is growing. People can enable donation buttons to their FB Live videos to raise money.

Source: Facebook

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