Charge your Smartphone with finger swipe, yes what you heard is true, in coming days users don’t need to carry chargers, just with finger swipe charging will be done.

This research is done by Michigan University Unite States. Assistant Professor Nelson Sepulveda of electronics and computer engineering department is the lead investigator of the project.

Technology keeps on changing every day, but what about the battery in the phones, what to do when our phones are switched off in emergency situations. So Michigan University had researched on the problem and invented a new way to harvest energy from human motion, using a film like a device that folded to create more power.

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The researchers has discovered this device with very low cost, known as a nano generator, and the scientists successfully operated an LCD touch screen, 20 LED lights and a flexible keyboard, all with a mere touching or pressing motion and without the aid of a battery.

Nelson Sepulveda said “what I foresee, relatively soon, is the capability of not having to charge your phone for an entire week, for example, because that energy will be produced by your movement,”

In coming days the devices are included with the silicon wafer, and then fabricated with several thin layers or thin sheets of environmentally solid substances including silver, polyamide and polypropylene ferroelectric. They have added ions in each layer in the device contain charged particles. They said electrical energy is created when the device is compressed by human motion or power.

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The research study says  Advantages are such as being lightweight, flexible, scalable, low-cost, biocompatible and robust make FENG “a promising and alternative method in the field of mechanical energy harvesting” for many autonomous electronics such as wireless headsets, phones, and other touch-screen devices.

Sepulveda said “Each time when you fold it you are increasing exponentially the amount of voltage you are creating,” He also said “ You can also start with large device but when you fold it again, and again, it’s now much smaller and has more energy.