iOS 10 to uninstall never used app

The days are coming for uninstalling the default or built-in applications which may rarely use or unused. If these applications are no longer needed, they can’t be deleted, but you have to know about the IOS 10, you can remove these irksome applications, this will add up some space which had occupied from a long time.

Once you can get the update of the IOS 10, you can perform these operations. There is no rocket science in performing this task, just make a long press on the icons and let the icons dance. Then tap the X button on the icon or the application which you want to uninstall.  Here is the list of few applications that you can remove the built-in applications.

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The Built-in Apps, which can be removed from the home screen.‘Uninstalling the Apps’ Feature goes LIVE in iOS 10The users can remove the applications and the related information or the associated files. With this, the few things like system related information on the Apple watch may get affected. These apps are built into the IOS, which are designed to be space efficient which all together consumes less than 150MB.

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Things to do for restoring the removed/deleted apps

Navigate to the App Store and search for the required app, just tap the download for restoring the application to your phone.

Wait till the download completes and starts the installation process. So it will be opened on the Home Screen.


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