Recycling turn things into other things, like Magic. Here the recycle of iPhones, iPads and Macs turns into “gold”. The Apple’s Environmental Responsibility Report delineated 2016 Progress Report, Covering Fiscal Year 2015. In this total of 61,357,800lbs material was recovered for the reuse. Surprisingly this $40 Million worth of gold had recovered. 2204 pounds of Gold was collected from the old iPhones, iPads, and iMac computer devices. The total amount of gold collected is almost equal to the ton. If we cumulate with the current gold price, then the total number will be around $40 Million.

In 2015, Apple diverted more than 89 million pounds of e-waste from landfills, as report reads.

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To dismantle the Apple devices, Apple uses the robot called ‘Liam’. It can disassemble old iPhones and recover recyclable materials. In California, Liam was designed and developed by the Apple Engineers. Liam helps in recovering the minute resources like gold, aluminium and cobalt very easily. On Average 30 milligrams of gold is used in every smartphone for internal components and the circuit boards.

Apple uses Gold in the circuit boards, unlike other companies, because gold will not damage quickly and have the low electrical resistance when compared with other materials.

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Apple doesn’t want to waste the natural resources that come from the earth, so mostly Apple is trying to create a huge impact with their recycle programs. Apple initiates the recycle programs, and everyone can participate and recycle their Apple devices at the Apple store. The material collected from the recycled products will be reused in the Apple products which help in reducing the usage of the natural resources. In spite of wasting the old devices and their materials, Apple has implementing the recycle program efficiently from past years.

According to the ERR, there are other materials which are recovered from the Apple devices. Cult of Mac ran the figures quoted by Apple through today’s metal price and came up with individual figures viz., Steel  23,101,000, Nickel 39,672, Plastics 13,422,360, Lead 44,080, Glass 11,945,680, Zinc 130,036, Aluminium 4,518,200, Tin 4408, Copper 2,953,360, Silver 6612, Cobalt 189,544. All values are subjected to be counted in pounds.

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Two organizations for Apple gave assurance and Review Statements. Fraunhofer Institute provided a report for the Product life cycle carbon footprint and Paper footprint. The details of these reports are mentioned in Appendix C.


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