Facebook WiFi is the new features appears to be in the testing phase, this helps you for finding the nearby wireless hotspots. Facebook WiFi will let the customers check in by participating in the businesses for the free WiFi access. When the user’s check-in to your Business page, you can share offers and other announcements with them.

Facebook is probing the Pages to list the WiFi locations for their physical addresses. We can ensure that Facebook is asking to maintain this information as the backbone and display the accurate results for the users.

As per the reports one of the spokespeople for Facebook said: “To help people stay connected to the friends and experiences they care about, we roll out a new feature that surfaces open Wifi networks associated with nearby places.”

One of the social media directors has observed this feature. This feature is live in the iOS Facebook application. To view this feature, scroll through the menu and you will find the option to ‘Enable WiFi.’  Once you turn on the feature, you will get the access to the nearest point. The access points will also direct you to the store apart from it will mention getting connected.

The more nearby locations Facebook can bring forward, then the better quality of real-time information regarding the sharing, news, and viral video content becomes popular and reaches to the users.

Things are still unclear that Android user is going to receive this feature or not? In iOS, this feature hasn’t rolled out for everyone so far. Some of the users have received this testing update. So check out the iOS app that if you have received this update or not. Go to the Hamburger Menu and in the mobile app and check out this option.

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