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EasilyDo Email app Rolled Out for Users on Android Platform

EasilyDo Email app

EasilyDo has launched its smart email assistant on Android platform after a year of its launch on iOS platform. ‘Email – Fast & Secure Mail’ is an email hub which provides a straightforward email experience for its users. EasilyDo Email app has an integrated artificial intelligence assistant to facilitate all mailing-related activities.

The smart assistant sends and receives emails on a daily basis and the AI-powered solution manages your archives. The app assistant will help your search by keywords, names, phrases, categories, and other information. Besides helping you to find emails, Email – Fast & Secure Mail also facilitate to get rid of other unwanted stuff.  A single tap within the app allows you to unsubscribe from junk mail.

Unlike other solutions in the market, EasilyDo Email app is capable of reverting sent emails. It can also be used as a travel hub for organizing information on hotels and flights. The app supports real-time alerts, a functionality which can track information for your shipments from the emails.

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This EasilyDo latest app also assists in responding to calendar events with a single tap. Above all, the Email app supports all popular email services like Gmail, Outlook Mail and manages online receipts. The latest mail Assistant app will be rolled out on Google Play Store in the next 24 hours. EasilyDo Email app is available for free, and there will be no in-app purchases. The company’s listing claims that the app is compatible with all devices over Android version 5.0 Lollipop.

Highlights of EasilyDo Email app

  • The simpler, faster and smarter way to manage mail.
  • Built-in smart assistant.
  • Message grouping in notifications, quick reply from notifications, and access to launcher shortcuts for searching all inboxes or drafting a new message.
  • Reply with voice and receive notifications through Email.
  • Gmail users can enjoy added functionality while using Email.

BlackBerry’s has Virtually Zero Share in the Smartphone Market

Blackberry Share

As global smartphone sales to end-users hit nearly 432 million units in the fourth quarter of 2016, once a market leader BlackBerry now virtually has a zero per cent share.

According to the market research firm Gartner, out of more than 431.5 million smartphones sold last year, about 200,000 were BlackBerry devices that were running on its own operating system but that gives it less than half the unit volume of the “other OS” category.

“This wasn’t hard to see coming given BlackBerry’s years-long decline, gradual shift toward Android and recent focus on services.” Microsoft’s Windows phones are not doing good either. The share of Windows fell from 1.1 percent to 0.3 percent in the last quarter of 2016.

BlackBerry Inks Agreement with Optiemus to Manufacture, Sell Smartphones in India

In a bid to provide acceleration to BlackBerry’s transition into a security software and services company, BlackBerry and TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited entered into a long-term licensing agreement recently.

Under the terms, BlackBerry will license its security software and service suite, as well as related brand assets, to TCL Communication who will design, manufacture, sell and provide customer support for BlackBerry-branded mobile devices.

TCL Communication will be the exclusive global manufacturer and distributor for all BlackBerry-branded smartphones with the exception of the following countries India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Blackberry Mercury or BBB100 might launch with Verizon Exclusive: Know more details

The company announced partnership with Optiemus, a Delhi-based telecom enterprise to licence software and services for the production of secure Android handsets in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Under the terms of the agreement, BlackBerry will licence its security software and services suite, as well as related brand assets to Optiemus Infracom Ltd.

The partner will design, manufacture, sell, promote and provide customer support for BlackBerry-branded mobile devices that offer the full BlackBerry experience, including the trusted BlackBerry for Android secure software.

Source: IANS

YouTube App Allows You to Go Back or Forward in Videos Double Tapping

Good news for smaller smartphone users. Google video hub is making navigation on smaller screens easier. Small screen smartphone users are facing difficulty to go back and forth in a video due to lack of space. This latest YouTube update lets user fast forward and backward video by double tapping. This update is available on both Android and iOS.

YouTube app is inevitable while spending time on watching videos. So, who are using YouTube must know about this YouTube latest update. If you double tap the left side of the screen, it will go back 10 seconds and tap the right side of the screen to fast forward 10 seconds. This functionality is only available in “full-screen mode.” To avail this advantage you need to update the app first.

Now Facebook is also Introducing Ads in Videos like YouTube

 It is released for both iOS and Android, but not everyone will get it at the same time. As part of the latest YouTube update, it also allowing one to control videos from lock screen while casting to other secondary display through the YouTube app. iOS update will also deliver new lock screen control while casting a Chromecast devices, gaming devices, and smart TVs.

Now iPhone users can press play, next, pause or adjust volume directly from their devices, using it as a remote control when watching with Chromecast devices. It also allows iOS users to control playback from their Apple Watch.

YouTube Hires Lyor Cohen as its Global Head of Music

YouTube also increases the maximum resolution support for videos. iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 plus, had the option of 1440p resolution (5.5 display) for watching videos on YouTube. As for the others, the resolutions are limited to 720p. The 4-inch iPhones have the ability to watch videos in full HD and Quad HD resolution. The 4.7 iPhones with sub-1080p resolution can watch videos on YouTube up to 1440p. When it comes to iPad the limit is still 1080p for the YouTube.

Google Bug Bounty Program Pays Out $3 Million for Android Researchers

In the report of the bug bounty annual rewards, the company noted that the participation from India researchers was on the upswing. Last year was the first Android had its own Vulnerability Reward Program as per the officials

Google paid over $3 million for the researchers last year for their contributions to the Vulnerability Reward Program. The company’s total payment under its bug bounty schemes up to $9 million from the year 2010.

Google I/O 2017 Conducts from May 17th to 19th at Mountain View

It is not unusual for the tech companies to run the bug bounty these days. Google has been responsible for verifying the bugs for over six years from now. The company also expands its program to cover products such as new devices such as OnHub & Nest and the Android devices.

Microsoft, Facebook and the recent Apple are the countries running their own bug bounties. Last year researchers earned nearly $1 million for finding and reporting the issues to the Android security team. However, in the year 2015, around $200,000 was paid by the company after launching the Android reward programs.

“On the product side, we saw incredible contributions from Android researchers all over the world, less than a year after Android launched its VRP. We also extended our overall VRP to include more products, including OnHub and Nest devices” said Google official.

Google+ Update to Bring Back Events, Adds New Features, Zoom

The Android bug bounty launched just before the Google monthly Android security bulletins. It encourages handset makers to deliver patches and allows the end-users to know at what date their phones repaired.

Google paid nearly $1 million to the researchers who report bugs in the long-running Chrome vulnerability rewards program. The company claims that its three compensation programs attracted over 350 from 59 countries. It issued 1000 exclusive rewards and additionally $130,000 donated to charities.

Now Send Money to Aadhaar number via BHIM App

The Indian government is taking a step forward to make India a less-cash or cashless economy. BHIM App is an application which allows the people to send or receive money via Unified Payments Interface (UPI). It developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

The government made the availability of BHIM App only on Android devices, and they launched a new feature called Aadhar payments. Through this people can send money directly to the recipient’s 12-digit Aadhar number via BHIM App.

UPI based app will get biometric-based Aadhar pay option as well which will soon roll out in coming weeks. With the launch of biometric-based Aadhar pay, it will be easy for making payments via BHIM App.

Complete step-by-step process of using BHIM App for making cash transactions

By sending money, BHIM App can be useful if the recipient doesn’t have any virtual payment address for UPI. It is an alternative to entering the account number and bank IFSC. Apart from this, people have to check some important points for paying money through Aadhar number via BHIM App.

The person which you are sending money must have their Aadhaar number linked to bank account. If not, in that case, the payment via Aadhaar won’t work. BHIM doesn’t show the account holder’s name, so the user has to double-check the number before sending money. This was done to prevent the people from misusing the app to troll Aadhaar number.

The process to send money to Aadhar number via BHIM App is as follows

  • Install BHIM App from Android Play store.
  • Add your bank account.
  • If you are using the app for the first time you need to set a password.
  • After successful mobile verification, the apps show you the list of banks.
  • Click on the Send money option.
  • Tap on the payment method, choose Aadhaar pay.
  • Enter recipient’s Aadhaar number.
  • Tap on the verify option which checks if the Aadhaar number linked to bank or not.
  • Double-check the number before sending the money.
  • Enter the amount and mention the reason for payment.
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