In the report of the bug bounty annual rewards, the company noted that the participation from India researchers was on the upswing. Last year was the first Android had its own Vulnerability Reward Program as per the officials

Google paid over $3 million for the researchers last year for their contributions to the Vulnerability Reward Program. The company’s total payment under its bug bounty schemes up to $9 million from the year 2010.

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It is not unusual for the tech companies to run the bug bounty these days. Google has been responsible for verifying the bugs for over six years from now. The company also expands its program to cover products such as new devices such as OnHub & Nest and the Android devices.

Microsoft, Facebook and the recent Apple are the countries running their own bug bounties. Last year researchers earned nearly $1 million for finding and reporting the issues to the Android security team. However, in the year 2015, around $200,000 was paid by the company after launching the Android reward programs.

“On the product side, we saw incredible contributions from Android researchers all over the world, less than a year after Android launched its VRP. We also extended our overall VRP to include more products, including OnHub and Nest devices” said Google official.

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The Android bug bounty launched just before the Google monthly Android security bulletins. It encourages handset makers to deliver patches and allows the end-users to know at what date their phones repaired.

Google paid nearly $1 million to the researchers who report bugs in the long-running Chrome vulnerability rewards program. The company claims that its three compensation programs attracted over 350 from 59 countries. It issued 1000 exclusive rewards and additionally $130,000 donated to charities.