Good news for smaller smartphone users. Google video hub is making navigation on smaller screens easier. Small screen smartphone users are facing difficulty to go back and forth in a video due to lack of space. This latest YouTube update lets user fast forward and backward video by double tapping. This update is available on both Android and iOS.

YouTube app is inevitable while spending time on watching videos. So, who are using YouTube must know about this YouTube latest update. If you double tap the left side of the screen, it will go back 10 seconds and tap the right side of the screen to fast forward 10 seconds. This functionality is only available in “full-screen mode.” To avail this advantage you need to update the app first.

Now Facebook is also Introducing Ads in Videos like YouTube

 It is released for both iOS and Android, but not everyone will get it at the same time. As part of the latest YouTube update, it also allowing one to control videos from lock screen while casting to other secondary display through the YouTube app. iOS update will also deliver new lock screen control while casting a Chromecast devices, gaming devices, and smart TVs.

Now iPhone users can press play, next, pause or adjust volume directly from their devices, using it as a remote control when watching with Chromecast devices. It also allows iOS users to control playback from their Apple Watch.

YouTube Hires Lyor Cohen as its Global Head of Music

YouTube also increases the maximum resolution support for videos. iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 plus, had the option of 1440p resolution (5.5 display) for watching videos on YouTube. As for the others, the resolutions are limited to 720p. The 4-inch iPhones have the ability to watch videos in full HD and Quad HD resolution. The 4.7 iPhones with sub-1080p resolution can watch videos on YouTube up to 1440p. When it comes to iPad the limit is still 1080p for the YouTube.


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