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Google brings update on Camera App with Slow Motion Video Mode more Tweaks

Google: Camera App update for User Interface Tweaks with Slow motion video mode.

The feature returned with version V3.2.042 recently hit the play store

A new update is now rolled out to Google Camera App, bringing a lot of heap with User Interface that tweaks and adds more short cuts to the existing one. Some of the interesting iconic tweaks are with camera switches to circular design and thus for Eagle-eyed users, and some add-on will spot with some new animations.

Vision: Google view for a user-friendly enriched with features like panoramas, 360-degree shots that were likely that were breathtakingly mind blowing. Users also got noticed about an update to the existing app or may have already got that.

Concurrently, the unique new options to launch directly with enthusiastic slow motion video mode for Nexus 5X and 6P which slides a camera menu button to prefer on recording speeds only to Nexus 6P. The same option likely accustomed with primary video interface.

The Google’s Camera App Update is now rolling out and landed for the model of Nexus 6P’s. However, the alteration to the previous version might take a while to land to all the users.

Microsoft’s free Word Flow keyboard app for iOS improves One-handed texting

Do you have an iPhone rather than Windows? If yes, here an Intro of Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard with “ARC” mode, a new feature Swype pioneered.

To use this one handed word flow keyboard, you need an iPhone, not a Window’s phone. The best part is that the keyboard makes users switch to one handed operation from the people type with two hands.

On Monday, 25/ 04/ 2016: Microsoft made its first debut in Apple Inc iOS App Store about Free Word Flow Keyboard app. Windows 8/ Windows 10 Phone users might be well known with the Word Flow. But for just iPhone, features set apart with customization.

The best part in Word Flow Keyboard is “predictive texting” which anticipates your next word for faster swiping. Undoubtedly, this best feature benefits for the users of iPhone 6 and six plus.

As of now it is available in English U.S, and available for both iPhone and iPad. iPhone users can update to Swiftkey keyboard for free, type your way with personal predictions and type faster with smarter auto correct.

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Soon after you have installed your Swiftkey keyboard app, just tap on the globe icon and get your word flow keyboard with one handed operation. You can also experience for curved keyboard or “arc” shaped keyboard where all the characters come aside either left sided or right sided i.e. a bend curve feels likely to use efficiently.

Not even WINDOWS users can’t do customization to their keyboard by applying background themes but Apple iPhone users can. Well, I’m not sure why anybody would care too. We should look further even if when the Microsoft SWYPE mode keyboard introduces to the Android and Windows users.

Both iPhone and Windows Phone users have predictive texting and gestures tying with which you can slide your finger across the character keys to spell out the words. Apple iPhone users have some other one handed operation keyboards like Blink and Minuum, but these keys don’t go for CURVED keyboard. However, Google released SWYPE keyboard earlier for its Android users.

Microsoft released previously “Hub Keyboard” and now to “Word Flow Keyboard.” Hub Keyboard, unfortunately, fails to be the best and currently have a 2-star rating in the available App store.

“Download available only at U.S iTunes app store”

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Syska App controlled SMART LIGHT RAINBOW LED BULB at Rs 1999

syska led app

Innovative inventions by Syska LED bulbs lead to the launch of new App controlled Rainbow LED Bulb with a price tag of Rs. 1999. Syska, a leading brand in the field of LED lightings has again come up with this fabulous invention leaving behind the popular brands in the game. The exorbitant price of Rainbow LED Bulb can be justified with the special features besides just turning on and off.

  • Paint Rainbow colors at Home
  • App controlled Wireless Lighting
  • Scheduled lighting
  • Sync music
  • Multi-functional App

The Syska Bluetooth powered LED bulb is first best step to set a smart home. These bulbs can be controlled as per the convenience just by downloading “Syska Rainbow LED App” on Google Play Store and Apple for both Android and IOS powered smart phones. Multiple bulbs at home can be controlled with this App. The 7W Rainbow LED Bulb is capable of producing 3 million colors with 480 Lumens brightness and 25000 hours of lifespan. Among 3 million colors the bulb is programmed in three varieties of tones including Golden, Silver and White. You can save upto 80% on your energy bill.

As Colors strongly affect our moods, Syska Smartlight Rainbow LED comes with a unique feature/ ability to dim the lighting to uplift the users’ mood with the changing colors. While changing the color of the bulb, the user can pick the color from Camera or photo which will be sensed as per the visual perception of the snapshot.

Users can also schedule the time to on or off the light for all long day and can set different colors for particular time or event. App can also enable alarm clock and stimulate the sun rising and circadian rhythm. Syncing music with the Light along the “Shake & Dance Feature”- Slide the phone in your pocket and the bulb light brightness will change according to the movement of the user while dancing!

This multifunctional app also supports the heartbeat measurement which will same be displayed in the form of light emitted out of the Syska Rainbow LED bulb. Besides enjoying brighter and energy saving bulb, it offers interactive Games for the users namely Pinch Bomb, Roar etc. Syska Rainbow LED bulbs are now available with syskaledlights.com and also leading retail stores and E-commerce portals like Flip-kart,  snap deal etc. It is not for the first of Bluetooth programmed bulbs. Many Chinese companies have already released such products into the market long back. Well, quality of the products certainly changes and the brand image attracts more consumers in most of the cases.

Google helps you to Accomplishing Your Goals with new goals feature

Time for self-development with Google Calendar’s new ‘Goal’

Google, the tech giant, updates Google Calendar with a new service called GOALS. The added feature helps the users to achieve their goals with time to time reminders through notifications.

Everyone would set some goals in their life wishing to reach new standards. But only a few working on them regularly would be successful.

Then what about the rest, who often forgets, delays and hides behind the excuses intentionally or unintentionally. Google make a way to assist those people with its new update for Calendar application. It would appear on both Android & IOS devices on the floating button at the bottom of the calendar app.

The company rolled out an update termed Goals, which acts a virtual personal assistant who keeps on reminds you about the task to be done. You should just set up what you need to do, the frequency of doing it, duration of the work, preferred time. It searches the whole calendar for the leisure time to fill.

In a case of any conflict with existing event, it would reschedule itself or skip it automatically. The new service includes pre-set options like ‘Build a skill’ and ‘ me time’ to get used to it.

Events like learning a new language or dance, going to a gym or any practice sessions. The Virtual life coach works on the concepts of artificial intelligence using machine language software.

It reduces the wastage and enables proper utilization of one’s time. Using it in a positive way, it would surely help people to accomplish their targets quickly. Depending on the usage of the mobile application it would get better and better, by knowing the individual’s daily routine.

It’s rare to see machine learning integrated into a calendar app, unlike the other calendars it intelligently sets aside time for personal development on your place.

iPhone dominating Android : Piper Jaffray spring 2016 survey

Piper Jaffray spring 2016 survey

The on-going periodical survey, Piper Jaffray Taking Stock with Teens, unveils greater passion of teens for iPhone rather than Android devices. Piper Jaffray is a Brokerage firm which conducts survey twice in a year, i.e., after every six months to know the pulse of the teen in the fields of fashion, beauty, digital media, gaming, personal care and entertainment. 

According to the Piper Jaffray’s Analyst Gene Munster, 6,500 teens are iPhone owners with an average age of 16.5 years were part of the semi-annual survey are iPhone owners. The survey is all about the smartphone preferences of the young group.

Piper Jaffray spring 2016 survey research shows Apple as the main American youth consumer

The recent  survey of the spring season 2016 discloses that 69% of the teens own an iPhone, which hooks up to 1% from the preceding survey conducted six months ago. The extensive survey also includes a percent hike in the teen that wait for the next handset to be iPhone. Attracted towards the Apple Logo on the back of the handset, 75% of the surveyed teens said that their next phone will be an iPhone.
The point to be focused here in the Piper Jaffray survey is, only 19% of the teens said that their next handset will be an Android powered smartphone.
While Coming to Tablet devices, it is a little different in the story. There is a slight decline of points to 48% in Apple iPad ownership when compared to the 50% ownership in the six months back survey. iPad Mini ownership scaled high to 16% with up of 1 percent.

50 percent of the surveyed teens said that their next tablet will be iPad, and 13% voted up for iPad mini. 14 % of the surveyed teens stated that they wish to have a tablet powered by Android were 19%of they said that it would be a windows tablet.
The surprising point over here is, after the sizable efforts made by the Microsoft to enhance the position, there is a decline of 4 percent in those who plan to buy a Microsoft tablet. It was 23% as per the survey conducted half a year ago.
Munster is of the opinion that the diminishing Tablet interest in American teenagers made Apple release iPad Pro with the support of Smart Keyboard and keyboard stylus Apple pencil. He also adds that the Apple iPad Pro price attracts the college students.

The survey added up the point that the most popular wearable Fitness brand for teens is “Fitbit”. As 72% of the people in the survey opt Fitbit, it takes the first position with 19% up in the market from the Piper Jaffray survey conducted six months ago. Nike takes second place with 12%. Apple surprisingly stands third in place with 6 percent. In comparison with Fall 2015, Apple and Nike wearable devices experience a decline of shares in the market.

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