The Ads between the videos are the most irritating part of the whole exercise, when you are watching any important project or simply surfing the web for your shopping spree. Some videos are short length and some are lengthy based on the video. There is no denying that advertisements are gradually toward user control. Apart from these, in few cases autoplay videos, interruption posed by these advertisements is predictable.

One latest update from Facebook compound is that the company is going to introduce mid-roll video ads like we saw in YouTube. Yes, Facebook will also put ads in between videos and when you click on Videos in Facebook, you may get ads in the video.

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As per latest reports, the social networking giant is planning to introduce ads in Facebook videos made by professional publishers. This is not a good one for users, however, this is a surprising initiative which has been taken by the Facebook and it has repelled allowing pre-roll ads that play before a video starts.

Recode says that Facebook will be selling these ads sharing the revenue with publishers, giving them 55% of all sales. This share is equal to the YouTube which offers now offer its users.

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The reports said, “Facebook began moving belligerently to show videos to its users a couple of years ago and users were watching 100 million hours per day.” The limitations of the new ads also suggest that Facebook is placing more importance on the time people spend watching videos rather than the total number of videos they watch.

However, Facebook has not responded any thing about this initiative.


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