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John Chen CEO of Blackberry has finally kicked the BlackBerry OS to the curb, and it seems like the Android phones are the blackberry’s future. Recently Blackberry has partnered with TCL for releasing two Android phones under the name of Blackberry brand name. DTEK50 and DTEK60 which are related with the software features.

The new two smartphones DTEK50 and DTEK60 are rebranded with TCL-owned Alcatel phones, but according to the rumours the new device which are designed by Blackberry might be on the way. Here are some of the details about the BlackBerry’s next Android phone which is code named as ‘Mercury’.


This rumoured device from the Blackberry is having the multiple code names Mercury, BBB100, and DTEK70. This phone doesn’t come with any physical keyboard. As per the sources, the phone is designed and enclosure made with the aluminium completely and much similar to the BlackBerry Passport. The only difference in the design can be noticed, it is rectangular instead of square. This new Mercury is much similar to the previous leaks of the device which is code named with Vienna. In Fact both of these devices look so similar and possibly we can say they’re completely same device.

Blackberry is No More: China’s TCL to manufacture its Coming Smartphones

It is said to be one of the last phones Blackberry was is designing before it makes a partnership agreement with TCL to license and its brand name. One of the famous tipster Roland Quandt had a word that Mercury will be built by TCL, even though the design comes from Blackberry. The phone will be available in the United States via Verizon.

Roland Quandt provides the new name for the device, and it is still unclear that BBB100 is the final product’s name. As per the rumours, the device is rumoured that it is featured with Snapdragon 821 chip, 4.5-inch display and comes with the display resolution of 1680 x 1080-pixels.

The details are yet to know, and we have to wait and see BBB100, Blackberry and TCL may have something in the store for us at CES 2017 which is going to happen in the next week.