Google continues to improve its internet-based social network. The company said that they are planning to release the three updates for the platform in coming weeks. And the Google+ update made based on the feedback got from the users.

GooglePlus product manager Danielle Buckley announced that they are launching much-requested updates soon. The changes like image comments, powerful tools for Community moderators and joining the G Suite family.

The company adds the feature of hiding low-quality comments. By adding this, users can have easier and good conversation by focusing on the comments that matter most. If you want to view all the comments, you can just tap on the view more comments.

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Google+ update include the best use of the screen size for the users. It shows the less white space and more posts. Google also added the zoom functionality which lets photographers can share big and beautiful images. The photos shared on Google+ Web allow you to get close and personal with images that you are interested in.

Interestingly, the company brings Events over to the GooglePlus. From 24th January, users can able to create and join the Events on Google+ Web same as in the past. But users have to note that this Events feature will not be available for G Suite.

With these New features, the company claims that these designed around suggestions, needs and requests received from the users. Now it’s time to say goodbye to the classic Google+ which going to shut down from 24th January.

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From the received feedback, more than 50 updates launched across iOS, Android and Web to ensure new experience. People can use the Send Feedback option on the internet and on the apps to keep their opinions or feedback for the upcoming Google+ update.


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