google i/o 2017

This year Google I/O 2017 is going to be held at mountains’ view Shoreline Amphitheatre from May 17th to 19th 2017. Same as last year they are conducting this 2017 event at the same place.

The venue is very closer to the Google Plex. From Sundar Pichai’s office, you can see this both stages as twins. The Google Company didn’t announce the dates till now. They tweeted some puzzles as ‘Save the date’. The answer to this puzzle is may 17, 18 and 19th, 2017.

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One of the person from Google Developer unit said  “Around the world, from here to there, to the most clever minds, the secret will share,” with the hashtag #savethedate. The smart people have figured out the puzzles, which revealed the dates and location.

In Google I/O 2017 official website, they didn’t mention about dates and schedule. Google can be expected to reveal the registration process for the I/O 2017 event soon in their website.

Like last year this year also Google can use this event to release next Android version. In last year meet they have released ‘Android N’ later on it is named as Nougat. We hope this year also Google will announce the next version of Android

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In 2016 they conducted at Google back yard. We expect this year Google will arrange a new system to avoid the long lines.

This year they are conducting 11th Google I/O conference in Mountain View. Last year they conducted a meet on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, daydream and its assistant-focused Allo app along with Google Home speaker. This year we have to wait and see at which topics Google is going to conduct the conference.


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