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Google Cloud Machine Learning is a Part of AI Implementation for Its Products


Google has added one more tool to its Cloud ML platform. This will enable the customer support of businesses to automate response to various aspects such as query and complainants solving. AI has provided the new platform to make intensive use of the latest technology by way of learning through machines.

Artificial Intelligence enables many user-friendly operations like gesture controls, decision making, and analysis through the data input feed. A beta version of Cloud Machine Learning was made available to all the businesses. The tool proved to be helpful in making heavy work done faster than earlier.

GoogleRebrands Their Business as Google Cloud Along With Apps as G Suite

The Search Giant company has officially stated on its blog regarding the tool and mentioned a couple of clients experiences by using the latest tool. Airbus Defense and Space are the two areas where this tool used successfully.

Both mentioned areas, images play a major role. This tool is used to automate, detect and analyze by correcting the images received from the satellite. Google has also started a machine learning advanced solutions lab to facilitate in solving the complex problems by identifying and implementing machine learning opportunities.

Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft Partnership on AI

For inviting the new talent to work on this platform, Google is introducing certification program. But this is at present available for internal Google working personnel.

Startup companies and other enterprise users can get benefits the latest machine learning tool. This clearly affects a large number of audiences when Google mainstreams this tool.

There is also an assumption that Google may announce today about the implementation of the advanced learning methods in its products like Docs, Drive, and Calendar. This step will provide the company to increase the productivity of the products.

On the other hand, Facebook has implemented the AI with the name bot. The AI Bot-building code has been shared publicly along with image recognition technology.

Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft Partnership on AI

Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft Partnership on AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a word that is being heard very frequently now a days. Many major tech companies are in race of this technology implementation to expand their business along with growth.

Amongst the giant tech companies, Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft have joined hands to agree for a partnership related to AI. This is happening for the first time in the history of technology.

The partnership will enable to form a group and make the data usage more affective. Data has become so important these days for the business promotion, growth. It would not be enthusiastic if we equate data and currency.

Next level Artificial Intelligence Would Read Stories Based on Images, Just like Humans

For acquiring data, serious exercises are being done by all the companies around the world. AI has a key role to play in providing them in an effective manner.

Firstly, the partnered companies will be in consultation with each other on daily basis. The main aim of newly formed group of companies will be promoting best practices and conducting researches in AI. Financial aid will also be taken care among these companies internally. Later on there is a chance of going for stake holders and other financial pool up activities.

Missing companies like Apple, Twitter, Intel and Baidu have also expressed their interest in the project but due to lack of implementation of AI or adopting AI has made their inclusion pending.

Rise In Artificial Intelligence: FOXCONN Replaces 60,000 Workers with ROBOTS

To enhance smooth functionality of the partnered group of companies, an ethical committee has been formed. This will enable to provide a forum for the companies to share their views and valuable advices with each other.

This type of combination has opened the gates for the tech companies to challenge the negative practices of AI.

Google Allo will be Available in Hindi by the end of 2016

Google Allo will be Available in Hindi

Google is going to announce the upcoming feature that is mostly welcomed by the Indian users. Before this, the Google Assistant has launched its Google Allo English-speaking app in India recently.

Today, they announced the details of second language Hindi which they are going to launch by the end of 2016. This means users will be able to converse the Google’s new Al-based Assistant in Hindi.

 Google Assistant is the new Al-based Assistant that was launched earlier this year. Instead of asking pre-programmed questions, now users can able to make a proper conversation with the assistant. If you ask Google a query and then follow up with more questions, the Assistant will automatically read the conversion and reply the correct answer.

Google Allo, the Tough Rival of Whatsapp Launched : Check out the Features

The announcement came after the Google added support for Hinglish (which is a mixture of English and Hindi) for Google Assistant in the Allo messaging app which was launched last week in India. With the upcoming feature, now users can chat with the Al in Hindi as well soon after it released.

“A preview of the Google Assistant will be launched in Hindi by the end of 2016 inside the brand new Allo messaging app. The Google Assistant lets users have a conversation with Google, which can help them get things done,” said by Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager for Allo.

According to the reports, Google’s other new communication effort the video calling with Google Duo App has also got an amazing response from India. Google focused more on going local which helps to increase the number of users.

Microsoft is Working on Messaging app called Skype Teams

Google Allo messaging app is not different than Whatsapp, and moreover, Whatsapp has already supported the Hindi language. But one differentiating point that gives Google Allo an edge over the Whatsapp is that the Al client option that is built right into the app.

Google also estimates that the usage of internet in India has increased more since the years and out of them most will prefer local language. India is the fastest growing internet market in the world.

“Through Allo and its support for Hindi, Google is looking to offer better and more relevant Google experiences for Indians,” the company further said in a statement.

Microsoft Acquires Genee App To Make Scheduling Service Much Smarter

Microsoft Acquires Genee App To Make Scheduling Service Much Smarter

Microsoft Corp. made another acquisition designed to make the software and services smarter. The company has announced its new possession of Artificial Intelligence powered scheduling tool Genee. The company will also be incorporating these capabilities in future versions of the office 365 cloud-based productivity suite.

Genee offers virtual personal assistant in two ways, first through email and second through messaging chatbots on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and through traditional SMS. Using natural language processing algorithms, Genee will understand the contents of the conversation. This could come into hands of Microsoft as the company is planning to enhance its virtual assistant Cortana which challenges Apple’s Siri and Google’s Now.

Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies team up against Anti-Robocall Strike Force

Microsoft would be performing well at adding the AI capabilities to the Office 365 suite, and would make the Outlook service smarter. This bonds well with the recent Microsoft acquisition of the Sunrise calendar app. Sunrise Calendar app is more powerful and rich in its features which schedule automatically. This gives a significant advantage to Office 365.

Microsoft wants to create a niche in the Google’s Android dominated the market and Apple’s iOS. At this moment Enterprise and productivity apps, as well as services, are necessary for the Microsoft. It is reported that Genee will be shutting down on 1 September, but the existing calendar entries created will remain no change. The app doesn’t allow new users instead.

Microsoft Acquires Beam, A Live Streaming Game Service

“Genee uses natural language processing and optimised decision-making algorithms so that interacting with a virtual assistant is just like interacting with a human one. We consider Microsoft to be the leader in personal and enterprise productivity, AI, and virtual assistant technologies, so we look forward to bringing our passion and expertise to a team that is committed to delivering cutting-edge language and intelligence services,” Microsoft mentioned in a blog post.

However, it is not mentioned on when Genee’s AI algorithms will be added to Microsoft apps. It is expected that the integrating will start with individual apps first.

IBM’s Watson AI finds a rare form of Leukemia in the Japanese patient

IBM’s Watson AI finds a rare form of Leukemia

IBM’s Watson showed its face in everything winning at Jeopardy to cooking exotic meals, but it hasn’t accomplished their greatest feat yet, saving a life. The doctors from the University of Tokyo reported that, the artificial intelligence diagnosed the woman’s rare form of Leukemia which had been incorrectly identified months earlier.

Belgian Scientist Created Solar Powered Machine: Turns Urine into Drinking Water

According to the sources, this woman’s age is 60 years. This analytical machine took just 10 minutes for comparing the patient’s genetic changes from the database of 20 million cancer research papers and delivering the accurate diagnosis. This helps in providing the proper treatment which had proven vague. The university also said that Watson has also identified another rarest form of Leukemia in other patients.

When compared with the Watson and other AI systems which are regularly providing the advice at the hospitals are likely to take the long for a while, but this won’t be all the useful in the situations without readily comparable data. On enquiring with the school for more information regarding the incident, this diagnosis shows just how the technology could be useful in the medical world.

German Scientists Teaching Robots on ‘How to Feel and Retract Basing on Severity of Pain’

The doctors don’t need to spend the more time on the research for identifying the certain disease or hoping that another hospital can offer the insights. With the simple plugging in the right data and initiates the healing process. Watson proves that how beneficial technologies are in our medical sciences. Nowadays AI is everywhere and the days aren’t too far for curing the major diseases using the artificial intelligence.