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Prisma to get Video Support Soon

Prisma video

Prisma , the AI based photo editing app  is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. The App enhances your photos to modern mimic view using Artificial Intelligence technology. Photo editing app got with 34 artistic filters with correction options in detail. The popularity of the app is so high that servers are getting down, and users are experiencing delays. Now the developer announced the video version of the app and released a demo recently.

Prisma offers and excellent artistic features even in its recently released video version too. The app provided ‘save’ button to save the edited image instantly in the recent update. Below is the video sample of the artistic view published by Prisma.

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A video is usually referred to a series of photos that are played at high speed. Prisma spilt those frames and edited it manually. This artificial technology app is developed by Russia-based Prisma Labs. Although Prisma is not good at accuracy, it comes with a good artistic view.

Prisma enhances the video with an artistic look, while the audio remains same.
Video occupies much more space on the server, and the cost may go high to the company. In spite of no adds for Prisma app, and the video version might be limited to premium customers. However, the photo version of the app remains free for all. There is no info regarding the availability date of these new features.

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In spite of the huge craze and standing as the best photo editing Application of recent times. Prisma has been criticized for its slowness in functioning.Developers are saying that since millions of users are using the App at the same time may be the reason for the Application to be not accurate.Whatever the reason might be, As a true Prisma Fan I hope the makers should concentrate on fixing it as soon as possible.

Expert pilots and Veterans lost to Artificial Intelligence Aerial Combat Simulation

Expert pilots and Veterans lost to Artificial Intelligence

During the aerial combat simulation, with the Artificial Intelligence system, AI has won against the veteran Air Force experts and the skilled pilots.

Graduate Nick Ernest, who is now CEO of Psibernetix from the University of Cincinnati in the United States, has developed this simulation AI system called “ALPHA”. This was evaluated by the veteran US Air Force Colonel Gene Lee. Lee is having the great experience in the aerial combat as the Air battle manager and the instructor with significant fighter aircraft expertise.

According to Lee, Alpha is the most responsive, dynamic and aggressive so far. Researchers have mentioned that Alpha is the significant innovation in this application and called as genetic fuzzy systems. This application is mainly designed for the research purpose in the simulated air combat missions and useful with the Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs)

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Psibernetix CEO Nick Ernest says that “ALPHA is an incredibly difficult opponent to face.”

“Even flying against other pilots when ALPHA has severe handicaps to some its systems including speed, missile capability, turning and sensors, it can win. There is additional work to be done to both increase ALPHA’s capabilities and improve its model fidelity.”

What makes the Alpha different from the other popular Combat simulator video games?

“Naturally, the video games have the extremely simplified simulation mechanics,” says Ernest. These immense simplifications will prominently reduce the scope of the problem. AFSIM, the environment ALPHA flies in for this study, is a high-fidelity simulator, which can credibly characterize the modern air combat atmosphere with suitably behaving models for the aircraft, sensors, and weapons.

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Alpha is the having significant role in the future as the next-gen autopilots in the real aircraft possibly as the part of the manned/unmanned teams in the playhouse of air combat. “This isn’t just about reaction times; the raw quantity of information flying around is staggering,” he says. “Calculations need to be constantly performed on this massive flow of data, and AI systems are perfectly suited for that job.”

Soon after completing the one-hour combat missions against Alpha Lee says “I go home feeling washed out. I’m tired, drained and mentally exhausted. This may be an artificial intelligence, but it represents a real challenge.”

Meet Cozmo! A little robot with Big Brain and Bigger Personality from Anki


Cozmo is a tiny robot developed by the Anki Company, which is famous for super cars and trucks toys. Cozmo is the coolest robot ever invented which, is developed by the team from various disciplines of world-class animators, game developers, PhD roboticists and lead designer of the Batmobile.

This represents the future of the play at the collaborations of the video games, toys films and robotics. Cozmo is charming, little mischievous and unpredictable. Qualities of the Cozmo  are it reacts, remembers, interacts and play with you.

The combination of the AI (Artificial Intelligence), Robotic moment designed by the Pixar Animators and the Computer Vision technology.  It is expensive, and it can interact with the world around it. Cozmo is so smart that it can recognise your face and remember the time. It can play with toys in the surrounding environment. This is not the perfect robot, and this is what Anki is needed.

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Boris Sofman, CEO and the Co-Founder of Anki mentioned in an interview that “Perfect is boring.”

Just say hello to Cozmo, He is the little guy who can respond with his mind. He’s kind of a robot which you only saw in the movies and a different kind of personality. He is unique and pushes you to play and make you surprised constantly. With this, you will go crazy and have loads of fun.

You can pre-order the Cozmo, and it is available for $159.00 as the early bird offer, and the original price is $179.99. On Pre-ordering the Cozmo, you can save $20. The orders will start shipping from the month of October 2016. You can make the payment and make a note that the product will be shipped in the United States only. Anki Company is providing the special offer to the pre-ordered users. The product will be arrived two days early, before the product is sold in the stores.

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The things included in the box are Self-aware Cozmo robot and Drive-on/Drive-off charger along with three Interactive Power Cubes.Pre-Order now at Anki Official Website.

Cozmo is the most significant robot which is available now. The final verdict from the Anki Company is World meet Cozmo; Cozmo meet the world.

Facebook’s DeepText Analyses the Things you Write or Post to Human Understanding

Facebook deeptext

Facebook is getting close to the human understandings with their new artificial Intelligence DeepText.

Facebook knows the user status what he is posting on the timeline or in the messenger. DeepText already tested in the messenger, if we consider an example and know the difference between the contexts “I just got out of the Taxi” and “I need a ride” messages. Then DeepText analyses the context and it asks if you want an Uber.  If a user is trying to sell a product and if it detects, then it automatically formats the post with the price and product details.

Facebook can determine what kinds of comments on celebrity posts are interesting and not just “Oh My Gosh I Love You”, it can surface one you want to read the text. These comments to the certain posts are relevant and high-quality comments that should be come in the threads attached to the celebrity posts and or the Facebook live streams.

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Each minute more than 400,000 new stories and more than 125,000 comments are generated from the users. Unlike other systems Facebook’s DeepText analyses these thousands of posts and messages across the different languages with the most accuracy rate as the humans.

DeepText was going to better at understanding text thanks to how many words that people were publishing on the Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and the Instagram as well as the other which Facebook uses for the cross-reference with the selected text.

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If we consider the image as an example in the Facebook, DeepText uses the Facebook’s Image recognition technology to identify that if someone captions an image of a baby with the caption as “Day 20” which is most likely means the baby is 20 days old.

Rise In Artificial Intelligence: FOXCONN Replaces 60,000 Workers with ROBOTS


China’s largest contract electronics manufacturer, Foxconn was trying hard from a while to replace workers with robots to save money and raise profits. Finally the company now replaced 60,000 employees with artificial intelligence in just one factory. According to a recent report from the South China Morning Post, Foxconn claims that it has culled the employee strength from 110000 to 50,000 at one factory just by replacing them with robots. The company still has more than 1.2 million employees.

So, as per the recent survey the rise in the artificial intelligence might replace man power with robots in above 600 firms in Kunshan in Jiangsu province, the manufacturing hub where the company is based.

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“We are applying robotics engineering and other innovative manufacturing technologies to replace repetitive tasks previously done by employees, and through training, also enable our employees to focus on higher value-added elements in the manufacturing process, such as research and development, process control and quality control,” a statement of Foxconn Technology Group to BBC reads.

“We will continue to harness automation and manpower in our manufacturing operations, and we expect to maintain our significant workforce in China,” added Foxconn Group.

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In an interview with Fox business, former McDonald’s US CEO Ed Reni who is debating in the $15 per hour minimum wage says, “It’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $15 an hour bagging French fries.”

Microsoft also announced that it will let go up to 1,850 employees this week. And as per the South China Morning Post’s post, last year 35 companies spent a total of 4 billion Yuan on artificial intelligence. Well, this replacement might be a major advantage to the Foxconn, as it is been in the controversy of high worker suicides and factory conditions.

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A reports of a survey conducted by Deloitte in association with Oxford University, predicts that as many as 35 percent of jobs will be automated within a span of next 2 decades. The Verge says that an even more telling forecast was made by researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne in their 2013 paper “The Future of Employment,” in which they predicted about 50 percent of jobs will disappear over the next four to five decades.