There are literally tons of equity crowdfunding platforms out there, but mostly, you’d find products listed on platforms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter. However, by participating in those, you get to pre-book an exclusive product and you don’t really own equity in a growing company.

Equivesto is one of Canada’s few equity crowdfunding platforms that allows investors to put their money into a fast-growing company and own a portion of it, which can potentially become worth millions of dollars few years down the line.

We’re sure those who had invested any money in companies like Uber during the early stage, now currently own stakes that are simply priceless, and they can easily get a big cash-out any moment they want. And, now Mr Hobu presents a lucrative equity crowdfunding investment opportunity.

Why Did this Campaign Catch Our Attention

  • For every $100 investment, you get an equivalent $100 credit for your Hobu account.
  • Hobu credits can be redeemed to:
  • Get up to a 30% discount on all product purchases on the Hobu Store (currently in private beta)
  • Receive up to a 5% discount on all services on Hobu.

So, if you’re a shopaholic, then you can easily recover your entire investment of $100-500 over next few weeks or days itself, and also own a portion of fast growing Canadian company in home service market.

What’s more exciting is that this company isn’t in ideation stage – they’ve already raise $350,000+ CAD raised to date in their previous funding round.

It’s a post-revenue startup with over 200+ contractors on-boarded and 170+ jobs facilitated.

Their Addressable market is approx. 369M potential users in US & Canada, and it has huge global potential, with the on-demand labor market expected to flourish by 18.5% annually in the next 5 years.

So, if you’re someone in Canada, this is definitely one of the most promising equity crowdfunding campaigns that you can invest $100-1000 in. Of course, if you’ve a larger appetite, you can even invest a few thousand dollars, and claim that amount in form of benefits from Hobu Store. You need to first register on Equivesto to become an investor!


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