Kids today are highly talented and are blessed with a great I.Q. Now a day’s many of the parents are encouraging their children to open their account in the Guinness world records. Can you believe it!! Recently, In America, Christina Ogea posted a video which is going viral with 440,000 views on Facebook within the span of 24 hours.

The two years old Ogea has sung a song on the alphabets (A-Z). In the song, the girl has skipped the two letters N and O., But the song was undoubtedly commendable
Children these days are not only focusing o their studies, but they are also learning many things.

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Can you spin the plate continuously for a minute without fail? A twenty-one moth old Ethan Cain can do so. He can spin the plate in air for a minute without fail with different tricks. The fifteen-year-old boy Nicholas Brice performed a straight jacket escape while daggling 40 feet above the ground. And more children are featuring their talent in various activities.

Even though Ogea missed two critical letters N and O, none of us can leave a stone to appreciate the kid and her talent. Every singer does maintain a rhythmic base in their song. Even this girl has her own vibrant while singing on the alphabets. The little of 2 years had taken less than a half minute that is less than 30 seconds to complete. Isn’t this a great talent to say complete alphabets at two years? Of course, it is.


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