Facebook owned WhatsApp has added a new font style in the current update. This font can be experienced in both the iOS and Android app. This new feature is spotted in the WhatsApp build version 2.16.179 and is available in the next update.It also can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The iOS users have spotted this feature in the beta version and requires some more time to be available for all iOS users.

WhatsApp Launches Desktop App for Mac and Windows

The users of the WhatsApp can able to chat in the different font style after this update. WhatsApp included the font style called FixedSys. This font style can be seen in windows with the same name.

To use this font style the users have to use three backquote symbols before and after the sentence or word. Initially, this hard to use, once you guys are used to this, it will be easy and comfortable.

Example of the new font

If you consider the example, if you want to type TechFactsLive in the FixedSys font, then you have to enter the word TechFactsLive between the “` three back quote symbols. “` TechFactsLive”’, then the font will be changed to FixedSys style. This feature can be clubbed with the other styles like Bold Italic or strikethrough.

WhatsApp To Switch On Video Calling For Android beta Users And An Update Feature For Document Sharing

WhatsApp is bringing new features steadily, and recently the users have spotted the video calling option in the Android beta application. Many users are looking forward to getting this major update from WhatsApp. The document sharing on the WhatsApp web is expected in the future updates. As you all know that the company has recently released the first desktop app for the Windows and OS X.


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