The Clean Ganga message by swimmer Shradha Shukla will make you feel surprised. The 11-year-old has taken up the task of swimming 550KM in Ganga from Kanpur to Varanasi in 10 days to spread clean Ganga message.

Shraddha took a plunge on national sports day 28th August at Massacre Ghat in Kanpur and is likely to reach Gau Ghat in Varanasi on the 10th day. On an average, she will be swimming 7 hours per day.

Famously known as ‘jalpari’ has a message for the clean Ganga campaign ‘making the river clean,’ amid ‘puja’ rituals and the chanting of ‘mantras.’

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“She will cover a significant stretch starting from Massacre Ghat in Kanpur to Varanasi in the swollen Ganga in 70 hours. On the first day, she will cover a nearly 100km of stretch starting from Massacre Ghat in the city to Chandrika Devi Ghat in Unnao,” said Lalit Shukla, Shraddha’s father

Shradha aims to represent India in swimming in next Olympics event. The young one started learning swimming at the age of 2 years when her grandfather Munnu Shukla diver took her to Ganga.

The girl is being followed by eight divers two shooters and a doctor on a steamer. She is being guarded by a fishing net to protect from crocodiles in some areas. The shooters are available to tackle the dangerous situation.

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Since she has learnt swimming at a very young age, she has no fear for water. Many people have come up to aid her, but the government has not provided any help till now.

“The whole journey is video recorded and will be sent to UP government and central government to get financial aid to realize the Olympic dream,” said the girl’s father.

“I am very excited and ready to better my previous performances. I am sure that I will complete the challenge,” said Shraddha,


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