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Oyo rooms now offer rooms for unmarried couples by ‘Relationship Mode’ Option

OYO Rooms now also available for Unmarried Couples

Oyo Rooms, a hotel aggregator, now introduced a new scheme Relationship Mode which attracts a large set of young and unmarried couples. With this new option, eligible customers can book rooms in some of its properties.

This new scheme started a couple of months ago. The hotels allow this Relationship Mode listed on its website and mobile app. Couples who opt for a room in Relationship Mode can avail a room in the listed hotels by providing their local identity proofs.

Backed by a Japanese telecom and Internet provider Softbank, Oyo has emerged as one of the hottest local startups in the previous year. Oyo offers over 70,000 rooms crawling 200 cities claims 60 percent of its total inventory now supports this feature. This new couple-favourite service is now available in 100 cities with includes metros and top holiday destination places.

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Hotel Rooms for Unmarried Couples: Process

Image: Oyo

“A substantial number of our customers are in the age group of 18-30 years, and this category could be served best with such initiatives. We are not catering to a niche audience, and neither is this a gimmicky marketing tactic. As a customer-focused business, we are identifying and solving problems that can impact the stay experience. With this launch, we are making sure couples can identify and check-in to their OYO without any hassle.” said Kavikrut, Chief Growth Officer, and Oyo Rooms.

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Some hotels refuse to host unmarried guests and customers of the same city. However, there is no law in the country which prohibits providing rooms for unmarried couples. Oyo rooms analyzed the guest feedback. The company came to a conclusion that couple-guests are facing a bit hassle in hotel policies against offering room for unmarried couples. Relationship Mode is now the right solution for their problem with the privacy concern.

Oyo rooms’ is involved in promoting this new Relationship Mode feature through its social networking accounts. Recently, the company raised a $62 million round from Softbank. Another similar budget hotel, StayUncle launched exclusively for unmarried couples. This Delhi-based startup took its start this year by Sanchit Sethi is making a decent market.

There are few another startup which are working with youth as the primary target, be it singles or couples. Bengaluru-based Nestaway is reportedly another marketplace for singles providing rooms on sharing basis. It can refer as the root cause for the concept of half-BHKs, a bedroom shared by two people. A common space that includes a living room and a kitchen.

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