After series of production stoppages, Toyota Motors place is now taken by Volkswagen. On Thursday, Toyota Motors (TM 0.76%) reported a drop in vehicle sales in the first half of the year, while Volkswagen (VLKAY 1.20%) with the rise in sales in the same period became the world’s top-selling car maker despite of its dieselgate scandal.

The Japanese Automotive manufacturer, Tata Motor Corp which manufactures the Toyota, Lexus and Daihatsu brands claimed that their global sales slip 0.6 percent in the first six months of 2016. The company globally delivered 4.992 million vehicles which were 5.021 million vehicles in the period of January-June last year. The German car manufacturer, Volkswagen on Wednesday reported that it had delivered 5.116 million vehicles, a 1.5% rise in the same first half of 2016.

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Toyota has been the world’s best-selling automaker for four consecutive years (2012-15), but this year it lost the title due to natural calamity. Earthquake in the month of April damaged a Japanese plant operated by a major provider which led to a break in production affecting many of its units across the country for weeks.

Unfortunately, in the month of February, an explosion at one Toyota’s steel suppliers led to the halt of production at domestic assembly plants for a week due to the shortage of parts. Company’s Camry, Corolla sedans and the gasoline hybrid Prius, sales was dropped in the month of June by 1.1% to 881,000.

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On the other hand, after the admission of VW’s “Dieselgate” scandal in September the sales of the company had a downfall. The scandal is that the firm has installed illegal software to mask toxic emissions on around 11 million diesel vehicles globally. But the company has managed to maintain sales by offering incentives to the US buyers and by investing in electric cars and on-demand transport services.

The largest U.S. automaker, General Motors (GM 1.77%) is the third in global sales rankings with six-month sales of 4.76 million vehicles which are 1.2% down from 2015 sales.