Now the NBA Finals are filmed, and coverage is provided with the Samsung 360 Degree Video and Twitter officially partners with the Samsung. The 2016 NBA finals are held in Oakland, CA today. Twitter and Samsung have met up and hosting the finals in a different way. Twitter is adding the support for the 360-degree video and provides the event link for watching the content in the 360 degrees video.

There are three types of parties and haven’t mentioned about the content which is going to happen. The Web can expect some exclusive content throughout the best of the seven series which begins at 9 PM EDT tonight at Oracle Arena.

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360 Degree Video has become most popular these days, the giant companies like Samsung and LG already released their 360 Degree cameras. With these videos, the users can be able to experience the Virtual Reality (VR) with the VR headsets designed by Samsung Gear VR and the LG 360 VR headsets. The other 360 Degree camera companies like Ricoh is also trying to provide the cameras within the similar price range.

Samsung is trying to grab some attention for their Samsung 360 Gear by hosting the NBA finals by the partnership of Twitter and NBA. This is going to be something different to watch the NBA Finals in the 360 Degree video. Twitter does not support the 360-degree video, unlike Facebook. The users who want to watch the 360-degree video has to leave from the Twitter. Now Twitter is planning for bringing this first update to the Twitter.

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The NBA finals are going to held between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. The game will start at 9 PM EDT from Oracle Arena.