Facebook has added the features on the eve of Rio 2016 which is going to have the Opening Ceremony on Friday. Rio de Janeiro is the host for the 2016 summer Olympic Games. Facebook allows their users to add the temporary profile pictures to their profiles for supporting their country.

Starting on Wednesday, country flag masks which can be added to their photos and videos. The users can even include in the Facebook Live videos via MSQRD mobile app, which is available for the Android and iOS platforms. So it’s the right time for updating your profile pictures on Facebook with your supporting and loved country flags and others.

Finally, Facebook users can able to see the special greetings on the top of the news feeds which navigates the users to a page with the Olympic content which even includes the search results, events and Facebook Live videos. The social network will have the same before the August 21, 2016, which is the closing ceremony.

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Along with this, Instagram is also providing the Christ with the Redeemer Landmark, and it covers the events that are happening at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Earlier in the month of April, NBC has made an agreement with Snapchat and other social media platforms.

The new “Rio Olympic Discover” channel will be launched on the mobile application throughout the games and which is due to start here on Friday, August 5. This will show the mini clips of the sports action and also the behind the scenes footage.

NBC Olympics and Facebook will create a “Social Command Center” in Rio.

They will publish up to 20 Olympic highlights each day on these platforms and two-minute recap shows daily, this is only available exclusively only for the Facebook US users. Additional to this, Instagram will provide their slo-mo videos, which covers the action featuring the NBC Olympic commentary and the athlete highlights.

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“This partnership is about reaching fans on Facebook and Instagram with NBC’s excellent and compelling Olympic content,” says Gary Zenkel President of NBC Olympics.


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