Google and Dashlane on collaboration with other leading password managers developing an open API (Application program Interface) called “Open YOLO”. The API “YOLO” that will enhance and give Android apps the ability to access password stored in your password manager.

Dashlane says that strong passwords are your first lane to defence from harmful data breaches and cyber-attacks. We have seen news headlines flooded with colossal data breaches and user passwords sold on the Dark Web.

Android Instant Apps arrive in Google Play Store beta

Google is now focussing on your password security and will soon enhance to secure the most and make to perform faster on various devices. Google now taking a step ahead collaborating with Dashlane will create seamless Android App where it will increase your online security.

Those who uses mobile Smartphone devices, it will be good news that you will soon enter into the safe zone with Open YOLO. Dashlane also says that “we are happy to cooperate with Google on an open source solution that puts user experience first when they choose how to manage secure logins.

Google Project Zero reveals flaws in Symantec-Norton Antivirus Software

Dashlane community manager Malaika Nicholas said: “To stay one-step ahead of the market demand, Google and Dashlane are helping create a seamless, universally-acceptable Android app authentication solution to increase your online security.


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