Rio Olympics 2016 is about to start in the next week, the biggest sports event in the world. This year Rio in Brazil is the host for the event.  On this eve, Google has launched the special features to their fans not to miss the action in the Rio Olympics.

Google and other search giants have launched many features under their product range for having the better experience for the users.

This first & foremost thing is when the fans can able to view the results of any event when they type in the Google. Apart from this, the users can even find the video highlights of the respective searched events from the user.

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For example, if the user searches for the athlete along with “Rio 2016” then the search results will be displayed with the basic statistics, and in which event the athlete is participating and how many numbers of medals he won and more details about the schedule of the events.

Search for “Usain Bolt Rio 2016”, then this will show you the information about the famous athlete and Jamaican speedster. The users can also search for the TV schedules which will be happened in the 30 countries along with the trending searches in the Olympics searches in the related region.

Google is stacking on the YouTube heavily for providing all the video content. All the event highlights will be presented in over 60 countries through the various official broadcast channels.

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YouTube will also have the team of 15 selected video content creators who will be testing the live streaming feature for this service. On the other hand, Facebook and Instagram are going to show the reels of highlights Rio Olympics events. Twitter is going to make their first live video game event. It is not going to host any content from the Olympic events and games.

Apart from this, you can use the assistance of the Google Street view for exploring the streets of the Rio de Janeiro stadium and city.


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