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Twitter launches 360 degree live videos: Check out the live now

twitter 360 degree live video

Twitter 360 degree live video has launched. They discovered a new way to see what is going on the Twitter. From today on wards users of Twitter can check out the live and interactive 360 degrees and explore what is happening around the world.

Users will able to get an inside look with well know personalities and go behind the scenes at exclusive events.

The first Twitter 360 degree live video has posted by Alexa Pettitt by showing a Florida sunset. Earlier Facebook also started 360 degree live video which requires a set of the camera to capture surroundings. Twitter said they are testing 360 broadcasts “with a small group of partners,” and will be rolling out the feature more broadly in the coming weeks.

Twitter Replaces Moments With Explore in the Mobile App Version to Bring A New Look and Functionality

It also said if a video marked with Twitter 360 degree live video badge then you can interact with that video to change what you see by moving your phone or swiping the screen when watching the live screen.

The company also mentioned users could watch live on both Twitter and periscope, but only selected people can view through the periscope.

VLC Media Player now Supports 360-Degree Videos: VLC 3.0 Update Rolls Out in the Month End

It already introduced the auto play periscope video on its platform and integrated live streaming services into the mobile apps with the live button. So users don’t need to install periscope app on your phone to utilize 360-degree video feature which is officially made for regular users.

By this 360 degree you can watch the surroundings in every direction which is recorded at the same time, Live is available now on Twitter so users can check out the live now.

VLC Media Player now Supports 360-Degree Videos: VLC 3.0 Update Rolls Out in the Month End

VLC Media Player now Supports 360-Degree Videos

VLC media player is the most widely used application from VideoLAN’s, and this application is now receiving the 360-degree video support. The latest technical preview which allows the users to play 360-degree videos over Windows and Macs.

This 360-degree video from VLC will be available in the technical preview, and the company will release this update in the all new VLC 3.0. This new update will be released by the end of the month with all new features.

VLC is the first video player application to receive the 360-degree videos support with the help of Giroptic. VLC 3.0 is the final release, and this will be merged with the features on all platforms. These are the details mentioned on the company official website. VLC also mentioned that “The Company adds that the future releases of VLC with 360 features will be available for Android, iOS, and Xbox One users.”

Facebook Emojis Reactions Now Shows Up In 360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos

Apart from the 360-degree images, this new version VLC player will be able to play all the 360-degree videos. Some of the features of the new VLC version are playback support for the 360-degree videos and followed by the Spatial Video spec. Playback of 360 photos and panoramas following the Spherical spec. You can apply the changes for the display modes for Zooming and little planet and the reverse little planet. You can control the 360-degree video using the system mouse and keyboard.

VideoLAN also added the new media player version which is the open source, and it will be available for the cross-platform. This can be accelerated with the OpenGL and Direct3D11 for 360-degree features.

Nico 360, The World’s smallest 360 Degree Camera

Richard Ollier, Co-Founder and CEO of Giroptic says “VLC is one of the video players most widely used in the world. We are very proud to contribute our expertise in 360 degrees to this open source player. This will allow the millions of VLC users to take full advantage of a promising new technology and be widely involved in its democratisation.”

Facebook Emojis Reactions Now Shows Up In 360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos

Facebook Emojis Reactions

Facebook owned Oculus in the year 2014 and since then it started working with the ways to combine their connected network of global users intimately with the world of Virtual Reality.  Later in the month of November Facebook has announced that 360-degree video playback would be supported for the Samsung Gear VR. And then Facebook’s Oculus in the month of March announced that it allows you to like and share your favorite Facebook 360 videos within the Gear VR.

Finally on Wednesday, Facebook-owned Oculus has unveiled the 360-degree emoji reactions for the Gear VR headset. To enjoy this latest update all you need to do is, update your Oculus Video app on Samsung Gear VR and make sure it is connected to your Facebook account.

 Now, this update allows you to react to the Facebook videos using a Samsung VR goggles. You can choose among the standard set of reactions such as “Like” or “one of the five new emoji reactions” (Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry). Well, to make it more social, this update you will be able to see reactions of the other VR viewers may your friends’ reactions, floating on the screen while you are watching a 360-degree video.

HULU to support Oculus Rift through its VR application

The company has originally advertised this feature earlier in the month of March. One of the spokespersons of Oculus says that the Gear VR users new will also be available to use new emoji reactions for 360 Photos, which the company began supporting earlier this month and plans roll out the feature in the coming weeks.

Well, with this update it is clear that Facebook is gradually working on VR features which are like pillars of the Facebook community. The giant has always said that the both VR and Oculus are crucial segments. So, we can expect more future integrations between Facebook social network and Oculus.

Sony PlayStation VR headset will knock the market on October 2016 at $399

According to CNET, a consulting firm Analysis Group in February estimated that the revenue generated globally from virtual reality and augmented reality will count between $2.8 billion and $126 billion by 2020.

Facebook allows users to post 360 degree Images

facebook to post 360 degree Images

An image can be a good memory for remembering few things and past incidents. The latest advancement in the technology is giving a chance to look at those memories from different angles. Yes, you are right; I’m talking about the 360-degree images. They are providing us with the option to see the various views of the same image which is not possible for a natural image.

Social Networking Platform has taken a step to bring them even closer to the people. As a part of their previous announcement last month, Facebook had started launching the 360-degree photos, a new supported format for uploading panoramas and images of a smartphone.

Feel The Reality With Live 360-degree Videos YouTube

The tech company is saying that can use panorama picture on your phone or capture a photo with a proper 360-degree app. A Special’ compass icon’ would be displayed on those images and can be seen along with others in the feeds. Users can click and drag on the photo to explore the complete environment, or can by only moving/tilting their smartphones.

Users can also view these images using Oculus Rift or a Gear VR headset. Facebook didn’t mention anything about the process of handling these incomplete panoramas. It is not clear whether it allows partial view or wrap around the images which are not apparently taken.

Facebook with its live Game Streaming Challenges Twitch & YouTube Gaming

Last month Facebook had introduced the 360-degree videos along with the announcement about 36o degree photos. It’s still in the early days and will take some time for users to upload 360-degree photos in real numbers. But it can be clearly seen as a creative medium that encourages the new things.

Andy Huang, the Facebook product manager, stated in an official release that “Along with 360 photos from your friends and family, you can discover stunning new 360 photos on Facebook from public figures, publishers, and other organisations.”

Android N to Add VR Features and 3D Touch like support

He also briefed that “360 photos give you the ability to take the stage in front of 100,000 fans with Paul McCartney, get behind-the-scenes access to the Supreme Court via The New York Times, visit the International Space Station with NASA, and more.”

Twitter Partners with Samsung to offer 360 Degree Video for NBA Finals

Twitter partners with Samsung to offer 360 Degree Video for NBA finals

Now the NBA Finals are filmed, and coverage is provided with the Samsung 360 Degree Video and Twitter officially partners with the Samsung. The 2016 NBA finals are held in Oakland, CA today. Twitter and Samsung have met up and hosting the finals in a different way. Twitter is adding the support for the 360-degree video and provides the event link for watching the content in the 360 degrees video.

There are three types of parties and haven’t mentioned about the content which is going to happen. The Web can expect some exclusive content throughout the best of the seven series which begins at 9 PM EDT tonight at Oracle Arena.

Take a 360-Degree Tour of the Sydney Opera House

360 Degree Video has become most popular these days, the giant companies like Samsung and LG already released their 360 Degree cameras. With these videos, the users can be able to experience the Virtual Reality (VR) with the VR headsets designed by Samsung Gear VR and the LG 360 VR headsets. The other 360 Degree camera companies like Ricoh is also trying to provide the cameras within the similar price range.

Samsung is trying to grab some attention for their Samsung 360 Gear by hosting the NBA finals by the partnership of Twitter and NBA. This is going to be something different to watch the NBA Finals in the 360 Degree video. Twitter does not support the 360-degree video, unlike Facebook. The users who want to watch the 360-degree video has to leave from the Twitter. Now Twitter is planning for bringing this first update to the Twitter.

Feel The Reality With Live 360-degree Videos YouTube

The NBA finals are going to held between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. The game will start at 9 PM EDT from Oracle Arena.

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