Gear IconX

Samsung reveals one of its prestigious project named Iconx, a bud type wireless headphones which mostly focuses on the fitness. The beautiful, excellent wireless earphones prove that there is definite room for improvement. The pair of earphones is independent having no wire connection between them.

They come with built-in sensors which track and monitor the heart rate, speed & distance covered. The left and right buds together packed in a case in which charging would be done. It is very easy to Control and uses the IconX.

Users can just tap and swipe on the touch navigation pad present on them. Actions like Single tap on the bud to play/pause, double tap to skip the current track, thrice to skip a track backwards. Manual configuring of the buds can be done by using the settings with the Android Gear application.

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The IconX also has voice confirmations for each action and can be managed by an app on the phone. The headphones support all the Android devices running on Android 4.4 version and with minimum 1.5GB of RAM. They are not compatible with iOS devices.

Gear IconX is powered by a 47mAh battery which is capable of tracking an activity for 1.5 hours. The ear bud carrying case is equipped with another 315mAh battery which can be used for charging the buds, and it would be sufficient for the whole day.

The tiny device fulfils the functionality of both the Bluetooth wireless headset and fitness tracker. It also features a unique option called the ambient mode which can be activated by long-pressing the outer surface of the earbud.

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The ambient mode enables the built-in microphones to hear sounds in our surroundings with an excellent clarity even you are listening to music. This particular method is exclusively designed for sporting activities like riding, trekking, rowing or walking around a city.

This exciting product of Samsung would be launched somewhere between July to September. It will be available in three different colours which are black, white, and blue for a price of $199.


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