Twitter is working on a new tool to prevent abuse by enabling the filter for offensive tweets with the help of keywords. The social networking company has been considering about the usage of the tool over a year. Sources say the tool is not yet to be public.

Twitter is being criticized from a long time about handling abuse on the platform. Celebrity users like actress Leslie Jones and few famous personalities like Jess Phillips Member of British Parliament have left the platform after the flooding of abuse, threats and attacks of discrimination are found existing in the site. Twitter is aware of these problems and puts its efforts to weaken the instances of abuse. Recently, the company has introduced a new “quality filter” feature which reduces the automated and spam accounts.

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Back in 2014, Member of British Parliament Luciana Berger had been targeted and severely abused on Twitter. The abuse continues and accounts of her harassers remain undeleted. Reports say people are still tweeting offensive messages to Berger’s account, but she isn’t receiving them. Tweets which contain offensive content and attempted to Berger’s account will end up with an error message upon sending, while others have been speculating about the new filtering feature on offensive tweets.

However, the tool is very useful with its potentials in preventing abuse isn’t made available public. Users could filter out other things like a conversation on matters or events. Facebook enabled a similar tool for its business class users of Instagram which allows them to offend the offensive comments by blocking.

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These measures weren’t found perfect in case of Luciana Berger. However, the places will be dashed when an insulting comment is filtered. They put bits in between the tweeted pictures or letters of offensive words at her to bypass the safeguards.