Google Wallet supports automatic transfers

Google Wallet received the latest update and featured with the automatic transfers when money is received. This feature is available in the latest update of the Google Wallet mobile App, which now allows the automatic fund transfers to your bank account.

So finally transfers will no longer require you to cash out the money from your Google Wallet balance first. This will decrease the time which it takes for the wallet users to gain the access to their cash which takes more time in the past.

These features were introduced in the Google Wallet app’s mobile update on Friday. But gradually this will start rolling out from the next week.

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During the launch of Android Pay in the last year, Google wallet transitioned has become a peer to peer payment app on the Android Devices. Earlier in this year, Google has also dropped the support for the physical plastic Google Wallet card which is associated with the application. This is continued its transition to peer to peer payments.

The waiting for the cash out your balance with the Google Wallet is still taking time; this is why Google has come up with the automatic transfer options. Consider an example, if you and your friend did with the shopping and if your friend sends his amount of $100 for the split to your google wallet, then no longer it will not wait in the Google Wallet until you perform the actions on it. The amount will be automatically transferred either to your bank account or debit card as per the preferences you set in the settings. Depending upon the requirement you can update the settings for the payments you prefer.

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The user can now update the settings for selecting the bank account or debit card for the automatic transfers through the mobile application or via web. Once you are done with the preferences then cash out money from your wallet will automatically transfer to your account.


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