Narendra Modi, the Current and 14th Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi is now holding another achievement; He is having the highest number of followers on Twitter in the India. Narendra Modi Joined Twitter on 10 January 2009. So far, Amitabh Bachchan, the Bollywood lead actor has this record, and now Modi has over this followed by Shah Rukh Khan.

Narendra Modi has reached this after crossing the Amitabh recently. Narendra Modi currently has 22.1 Million followers on the Twitter whereas Amitabh has 22 Million followers. With this move, Narendra Modi became the leading user with the highest number of followers on Twitter in India.

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From the year 2015, statistics says, followers of Narendra Modi on Twitter have reached 10 Lakhs for every two months. By the month of September 22, 2015, the followers of Modi are around 1.50 crores and by the end of November month, the count has reached 1.6 crores.

Narendra Modi Joined the Twitter in the year 2009, in less than eight months the followers reached more than 50 lakhs. Narendra Modi being the Prime Minister, he is the active user after America’s president Barak Obama. Each time Modi tweets on the social activities, supporting, congratulating the winners in all aspects of sports, business, technology, etc. Modi Choose this platform Twitter, in reaching the audience and lets the users know about the campaigns like Man Ki Bath, Selfie with Daughter, etc.


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