Twitter is going to introduce a new feature to identify your BFF. With this new feature, you will never miss any tweets from your Best Friend Forever.

This ‘identify your BFF’ is somewhat like ‘In case you missed it’ Feature. In that feature, it rounds up the tweets and news you missed from the accounts you engage more and pages you like. You have the option to dismiss this BFF feature like in ICYMI. This indicate that you want to see this feature less often

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The company said this test is underway of selected users under IOS, Android, and the web. The identify your BFF feature chooses your best friends based on the signals like how often engage with the account in question.

Upto now it is presenting chronologically order feed information. Twitter has implemented new methods and approaches for user interaction. From past years it has made some changes in the tweets, retweets for user’s engagement.

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The Twitter has tried to distance itself from the chronological timeline, to one that’s more algorithmically determined. It is competing with Facebook and making changes according to that. It pushes tweets which you don’t want to miss on to the top of the screen.

According to this user interaction, it chooses the BFF and gives you updates on your timeline. Up to now, the process is unclear how the Twitter is going to provide feed about what user want to see. But somewhat this features funny, they hope users will enjoy this feature. So from now onwards Twitter will take the responsibility to find your Best Friend Forever