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The end is near for the Vine application, the popular short video-sharing app owned by Twitter. From Tuesday this will officially become Vine Camera. Three months ago Twitter made an announcement regarding the shutdown of Vine. In the last month, it has announced that the service would shift to Vine Camera, this different app will allow the users to create 6.5-second looping videos which can be either saved or can post to the Twitter.

Starting from Tuesday, the Official website of Vine will stop hosting the new videos and instead will serve as an archive for the searching old video clips. Vine has encouraged the users to download their past Vines before they switch to keep them, passed the message in last month. The details are unclear regarding, how long the archive will be available.

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On the other hand, Vine Camera will allow the users to create and share the short video clips on Twitter. These clips will not be uploaded to the Vine’s site as they were under the app’s original manifestation. After the announcement from Twitter plans to shutter the original Vine, many longtime Vine users were upset with this. Many of them expelling their feelings on the social media.

Meanwhile, some of the users point how Vine had been used for spreading the information and the messages through the short video clips. Vine is very helpful during the social and political events held in the recent years.

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When the announcement has made for the first time regarding the plans for shutdown Vine, Famous Writer Mathew Ingram expelled his views on Twitter that, Vine bought for $30 million in 2012 approximately and it has struggled to take full advantage of this popular video service.

Taking the advantage of this, other rivals Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all have expanded their video offerings and tapping the users from the vine. One more thing to notice, this is the last day to download your vines.


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