Samsung finally reveals the reason of Galaxy note 7 explosions. In 2016 we heard many cases about the explosion of note 7.  A huge loss occurred to Korean giant company Samsung. After this incident company apologizes and started the investigation about this explosion.

The first reason for the galaxy note 7 explosion is faulty battery. D.J.Koh the president of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics said “from last 7 months we are investigating to find cause on galaxy note 7 incidents.”

They have investigated in every part of the phone like software, hardware from several months. Along with Samsung, three independent organizations have concluded the battery is the main reason for the explosion.

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A short circuit was occurred by damage to the separator that allows the positive and negative electrodes to meet within the jellyroll. In the first recall, upper electrode was deflected in the upper-right corner of the battery, and the tip of this electrode was incorrectly located. This type of design leads to the explosion

After getting this issue they have changed the battery type then the insulation tape fell short and created a direct contact between the positive and the negative electrodes. In addition to this, some batteries were missing the insulation tape altogether, causing short circuits instantly.

Samsung has given a detailed explanation about explosion in this infographic

After checking out the reasons Samsung is designing their products with high quality, multi-layers of safety measures are provided to this Smartphone. It seems like in past they were a little loose on the battery side and now they have strengthened that.

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Unfortunately, in 2016, they have lost the customers trust so in this 2017 they are coming high-quality devices to gain the customers trust.


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