International Olympic Committee announced Alibaba Company is now official cloud service provider for Olympic Games for 12 years. This announcement was made at World Economic Forum 2017 in Davos Switzerland.

The deal will continue up to 2028. Olympics are coming soon, the next three years schedule was confirmed. In 2018 games are conducted in South Korea, in 2020 in Japan and 2022 in China. So this is very good time to Alibaba Company to extend their services.

This year Alibaba is also joining the Olympics highest sponsorship level. Along with top brands like Coke, McDonald’s, Visa, this company also got the place. The sponsors should pay the amount to the committee, but the Alibaba didn’t mention how much amount they are going to spend. The financial times has estimated $600M for the lifetime. For every Olympics Alibaba company should pay $100M.

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The Olympic committee said Alibaba would also contribute their cloud computing infrastructure and cloud services “to help the Olympic Games operate more efficiently, efficiently and securely, including supporting big data analytics requirements.”

The Olympics Company and Alibaba company will become the e-commerce platform the Olympic branded goods. They will also optimize an Olympics which is an Internet video streaming service for the Chinese audience.

Jack Ma, the executive chairman of Alibaba, said we are happy to making a partnership with International Olympics Committee.  Our company always stands on values surely we are going to provide best services for the company.”